Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Battle Report - Iron Warriors versus Marines Errant Part 2

As the battle rages on, the Iron Warriors right flank begins to focus on a small force of combat squads which the Marines Errant had been hoping to hide.  One squad is trying to hold an objective and the other is in a nearby building.

Meanwhile on the Iron Warrior's left flank, the Marines Errant begin pushing forward with their landraider.

The Rhino disgorges a 10 man squad of Iron Warriors who proceed to fire into a combat squad.  Behind them a 5 man squad of raptors prepares an assault.

In the center, a squad of cultists emerge from reserve and cower behind a ruined building awaiting orders.  The Iron Warriors Predator advances into midfield.

Back on the left flank the Iron Warrior's cultists move forward.

While both flanks continue their maneuvering, in the center ruined building and Iron Warriors marine squad unlatches their grenades from their belts and launches an assault against a Marines Errant Razorback.

The Marines Errant, led by their Librarian also launch an assault on an Iron Warriors Helbrute.

On the far right flank the Iron Warriors marine squad assaults into a lone Marines Errant Marine who was the sole survivor of a squad who had gotten shot up by the squad already.

The Marines Errant Landraider then moves forward and out comes a marine combat squad with another Librarian.  The Iron Warrior's second raptor squad also emerges from reserve in response to the large armoured beastly threat that the landraider represents.

Into the central ruined building launches the Librarian, fresh from his landraider he assaults into the Iron Warrior Warpsmith.  The Warpsmith, seeing an ancient enemy bellows out a challenge and the Librarian, sensing an opportunity to end this fight in one swift blow, accepts.

After several rounds of combat and several Marines Errants have gone down, the Helbrute finally dies.  An Iron Warriors squad seeing how important the objective is that is being fought over move into combat range. They yell orders over at the cultist squad and they join the fray.

The Raptors move up and unleash super-heated melta-hell at the landraider.  The gods of chaos are fickle, however, and chose to have their guns jam.  Nothing happens to the landraider and the raptors shrug.

The cultist squad in the center move up behind the predator to take the objective.  On the far side of the table the other squad of raptors begin their advance lining up an assault on another combat squad.  The Iron Warriors marine squad, after killing the lone marine move into the ruins and capture another objective.

The Librarian, hiding behind a pole of the elevator is still alive hacking through Iron Warriors trying to deny them the objective.

The Landraider Redeemer then opens fire on the raptors and immolates them utterly.

The Warpsmith tries to take out the landraider single-handedly, but his melta attachment on his mechatendrils fails to hit.

The Librarian begins fighting cultists and holds his own, unsurprisingly.

The central objective is being contested and the lone raptor can't shift the tactical squad.

A lone Sargent holds an objective in the Marines Errant depoyment zone.

The Iron Warriors marine squad holds onto an objective in the Marines Errant's deployment.

The full 10 man cultist squad hunkers down and holds onto the objective in the center.

The smoke clears and the game ends.

The Marines Errant pull out the win.

9-5 was the final score, I believe.  Please pipe in if you can recall the exact score Pen, my memory is hazy.

Next up......stuff I have been working on.


  1. I thought it was 7-5 maybe? Anyways, I remember that I would have lost had it not been for my Librarian's power that gave me a victory point for every challenge that was issued and defeated, and one point for your Raptors falling back.

    It was a really nice introduction to 6th edition, and confirmation that I still need alot of practice with my marines. I won only on a technicality; you had me wiped out.

  2. That's right! Your Warlord Trait! I knew I forgot something.