Thursday, December 6, 2012

Some Stuff I've been working on

I think this will be a recurring topic on my blog from now on.  I have been inspired by 6th edition and because of Allies and the new Chaos Codex I have been energized to build new stuff.

Here are some pictures of my latest finished Traitor Guardsmen for my Iron Warriors.

Here are some flamer dudes:

Here are three missile launcher heavy weapon teams:

And here are three either company or platoon commanders:

 I have also started painting up the following guard models:

Another commander, this time he has a fearsome chaos power axe in his left hand!

The guy on the right has a vox caster and the one on the left is holding a rather large bombs, which can be thrown at the enemy to approximate a demo charge!

Here are a couple more dudes with flamers:

I have a medic as well.  I don't know how often he will be used, but I will paint him up none the less.

And we have a guy kneeling with a melta gun:

This guy has a missile strapped to his backpack.

And yet another flamer dude for the heck of it:

I also just got these guys in the mail and I can't wait to put them together and start painting them:

Until next time.....

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  1. Man! That one Commander looks like the final boss from Golden Axe. Excellent! You need to give him a big-ass sword (but the spiked club is equally bad-ass... will that be a power mace)?

    I was wondering about your paint order-- are you basing in the light grey and then doing all the gunmetal or vice-versa?