Friday, October 28, 2011

Book of The Arbitrator Games

So this past Friday night me and my friend played through the first two scenarios that I had posted up earlier on this blog. We had a good time but it took us longer to play them then I had anticipated so we only got through the first two. It ended up being 1am a lot sooner than I thought it would and I was fairly drunk and tired by then so we called it.

We were not too familiar with the Necromunda rules or the Book rules so we had to look up quite a few rules, slowing our games down a bit.

Scenario 1 was all about avoiding the authorities whilst also finding loot counters which would get our little crews the info they needed to find the wrecked alien space craft.

We deployed 6 guardsmen in the middle of the board and took turns controlling them between turns. It worked out fairly well but when we decided to kill them with our crews we really had no problems dispatching them.

I started out with a pretty dispersed deployment putting my Inquisitor and assassin along with a couple other guys with lasguns and a flamer to my left. The Ogryn and heavy stubber fellow in the middle and my Eldar female with a crew of lasguners and hth guys to my right.

The plan was to advance up the flanks and let the heavy weapons cover the middle.

Inquisitor and Heavy Stubber man surveying the field.

The local authorities preserving the rule of the Imperium.

Miss Alisa T'kar and company advance up the right flank.

An aerial view of the battle field around turn 2 or 3.

The authorities attempt to question the Rogue Trader, but he will have none of it and dispatches them swiftly.

My Inquisitor at one point moved up close enough to one of the enemy crew and got hit with a web pistol! he stood there immobilized for a turn and decided to call off the mission. We voluntarily routed after 4 turns after having acquired 2 loot counters to the rogue trader's 3 and hoped for the best.

After rolling a d6 and adding experience points and loot counter's I had won the first battle. I added some new abilities to a couple of my crew who went up a level.

And then we re set up the board and my crew was off to find the space craft with the rogue trader in hot pursuit!

My crew started off running down the road trying to get out of town.

The Eldar set up position if a ruined building waiting for me to pass by and spring their ambush.

My Inquisitor and Ogryn take up the lead carefully advancing down the dark city streets looking left and right for any signs of the enemy.

Hearing something to his left, my Inquisitor bursts out from cover and runs into the open, spotting the shifty Rogue Trader.

The trusty Ogryn henchman turns the corner to back up his leader and trys to loose some shots at the Rogue Trader.

The Rogue Trader throws several gas grenades towards my Inquisitor and he and his crew decides its not worth pursuing the Trader and more and they continue down the road, the end in sight!

One of the Eldar attempts to sneak up on my crew but the Inquisitor spots him...

'''and makes short work of him.

At this point my crew is only about two turns away from the board edge and the Rogue Trader's crew has been severely mauled. We decided to call it with me once again being the victor.

The after action report on the Rogue Trader's crew wasn't encouraging. He had several of his henchmen die from their wounds and he didn't acquire much money.

I had several members of my crew gain new abilities and we were ready to defend our information, to the death in the third scenario.

The Rogue Trader's crew would get reinforcements including a ruffian and several citizens wielding knives as well as some transportation for the next scenario.

However, as I stated above it was rather late and we were both pretty tired so we called it a night.

I want to play the next two scenarios soon so hopefully we can get back together and finish them up. It was quite a blast.

The Book of The Arbitrator gets a big thumbs up from both of us.

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