Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Alternate Scenarios for Friday

Well, as things tend to happen when more than one of my gaming friends is involved, one of them dropped out of the game for Friday.

So I've had to rewrite the scenarios. Really only 3 of them because the first one works just fine for two players.

So new Scenario 2:

Setting up the Scenario:
So one of the two crews has gotten the information about where the Space Craft has landed. The other crew is chasing them down. The crew that has the information is the one that got the most experience points from the first scenario. That crew deploys their entire crew first in the 16" X 8" rectangle as shown above.

The crew thats in pursuit has tried to set up an ambush. The player controlling the ambushing crew splits up their crew into 3rds. That player then rolls a d8. That first 3rd of their choice is then deployed after the other crew into the rectangle associated with the number rolled on the d8.

The crew that is setting the ambush goes first and get +1 on all their initiative rolls on turn one.

Starting on turn two the ambushing crew rolls for their reserves using the standard 5th edition 40k reserves rules. When a unit arrives that player then rolls a d8 for that unit and it is deployed in the rectangle associated with the number rolled.

Ending the Scenario:
The crew with the information must make it alive all the way across the board and move off the edge of the board within 2" of the road. If the crew bottles they lose the scenario and will receive only +1 experience for each surviving unit. If they make it off the board then they receive +1 experience for each unit surviving and +1 for their leader.

If the ambushing crew takes any prisoners they receive an extra +1 experience. They also receive +1 experience for each unit surviving and +2 for their leader if they prevented the other crew from exiting the board edge (basically killing all of the crew or having them bottle.)

Scenario 3:

Setting up the Scenario:
The crew that earned the most experience points from the previous scenario now faces a crew that is angry and has decided to make this their Alamo! The crew with the most experience deploys first in the circle as shown above, they may fortify the area with whatever is deemed necessary it is an old abandoned Imperial Guard output so make it look cool!

The other crew rolls a d6 and deploys second in one of the two rectangles indicated above. This crew is allowed a couple of extra Henchmen bought from any entry in the Encounters section of the Book Of the Arbitrator totaling about 150 for this scenario only.

Either crew may include vehicles so long as neither crew is rated more than 200 more than the other crew excluding additional henchmen from above.

Ending the Scenario:
The crew in the circle must survive 8 turns without bottling. If they bottle then they earn only d6 experience points. If they don't bottle then each surviving unit earns +1 experience and the leader earns +2 experience.

The attacking crew earns +1 experience per surviving unit. If the they force the other crew to bottle then their leader earns +2 experience.

Scenario 4:

Setting up the Scenario:
The crew with the most experience points moves onto the table from the right shown by the arrow and gets first turn. They also receive +1 initiative for the scenario.

The other crew deploys second 12" from the left board edge.

Both crews may use vehicles in this scenario.

The Waking Aliens:
Every turn a unit is within 6" of the ship add +1 to the activation counter. When the counter reaches 4 roll a d4 and then for the number rolled roll a further 2d6 and a scatter die. Measure from the center of the ship and place a Robot there. Repeat this process at the beginning of the turn every time a multiple of 4 is reached on the activation counter until all 4 robots are deployed.

At the beginning of each turn the robots move d8 inches in a random direction determined by a scatter die. They will never charge anyone but will shoot at the nearest model at the beginning of each turn after they move.

The robots have the profile of a Space Marine Scout and they carry a Pulse Carbine. They never bottle and aren't afraid of creatures that cause fear. They only go away if their wounds are reduced to zero and will fight in hand to hand if charged. They count as having a knife in hand to hand.

Finding the Artefact:
A unit must be inside the main chamber of the Space Craft for one full turn and must do nothing for that whole turn to find the Artefact. Once it is found that unit must move back to the deployment zone or the board edge of that crew to win.

There we go 3 modified scenarios for 2 players.

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