Monday, October 17, 2011

Book of The Arbitrator Scenarios

So this coming weekend I am having some buddys over to play some Book of The Arbitrator Scenarios.

The Background of the story is that a Bounty Hunter type was tipped off on the location of an Ancient Alien Artefact on the planet of Cassion III. His transmission was intercepted by a Rogue Inquisitor and so he has also arrived at the planet to hunt for the Artefact also.

Meanwhile the Imperial authorities no nothing about this but become tipped off as the campaign goes on.

The Campaign kicks off in the frontier town of Apartros with both the Inquisitor and the Bounty Hunter gathering information under the watchful eye of the Imperium.

Scenario 1:

Starting the Scenario:
Both sides roll a d6 the highest chooses which side to deploy in and whether to deploy and go first or second. The side that sets up first gets gets +1 initiative for the rest of the battle after turn 1.

There should be sixe buildings each one has a loot counter inside.

Avoid the Authorities!
There will be 6 Imperial Guardsmen armed with lasguns that begin the game in a 6" circle in the middle of the table, they act as per the sentrys rule in the 4th Edition 40k rulebook.

Ending the Scenario:
The scenario ends when one side fails a bottle test or voluntarily routs. (Note: a minimum of 4 turns must be played before either of these conditions can be met.) At the end of the scenario each side rolls a d6 then adds +1 experience points for each surviving unit, +1 for the winning leader, and +1 for each loot counter.

Scenario 2:

Setting up the scenario:
The crew who got the most experience points in the previous scenario now knows where the atrefact is and is now on the move. That crew now deploys first in a 16" X 8" rectangle alon the board edge as shown above.

Each other crew then splits their crews into 3rds. They then pick one 3rd to deploy on the table and the other 2 3rds to be left in reserve. They enter play via the Flames of War reserve rules start rolling on turn 1.

Each crew that has reserves then rolls a d6, the higher roll then decides which of the two crews deploys first and which side of the table they deploy on. Then each crew rolls a d6 again when they deploy and that roll determine where they deploy, in the 1-3 section or the 4-6 section as shown above.

When their reserves arrive they roll a d6 again and those reserves deploy in the zone marked 1-3 or 4-6 depending on the roll.

The side that moves first of the 2 gets a +1 on their reserve rolls for the game.

The crew trying to get to the other side of the table goes first.

Ending the Scenario:
The crew with the info must move off of the opposite board edge within 2" of either side of the road without bottling. If any of that crew gets captured then they divulge the info to the other crew after the scenario.

If no one is captured and the crew with the info escapes then they will get +2 experience for each unit and +2 experience for their leader.

Each unit of the other two crews that survive get +1 experience and +1 for each captured of the crew with the info. Any unit still in reserve after the scenario is finished gets no experience.

Scenario 3:

Setting up the Scenario:
The crew with the highest rating begins the game deployed in the circle as shown above. This crew has been cornered by the other two crews and must survive the battle to get to the Artefact.

The other two crews roll a d6 the highest roller picks which deployment zone to deploy in and whether to go first or second. They must deploy before the other crew. The crew that goes first gets +1 initiative for the rest of the scenario.

The crew in the circle goes third for the first turn.

Vehicles are allowed in this game.

The crew in the circle gets defensive terrain of their choosing, it should look like an old abandoned Imperial Guard outpost.

Ending the Scenario:
The crew in the circle must survive eight turns without bottling to win. Their leader gets +2 experience points and each unit surviving gets +1 experience points.
Otherwise if they bottle they only get d6 experience points.

Each other crew gets +1 experience for each surviving unit and +1 experience for their leader.

Scenario 4:

Setting up the Scenario:
The crew that got the most experience points in the previous scenario moves onto the table indicated by the arrow above. The other two crews roll a d6 and the winner choses which other deployment zone they want and deploys their crew after the other player. Then all 3 crews roll a d6 and the winner goes first. For each subsequent turn the crew who moved onto the board from the right gets +1 initiative.

Vehicles are allowed in this Scenario.

The Waking Aliens:
Every turn a unit is within 6" of the ship add +1 to the activation counter. When the counter reaches 4 roll a d4 and then for the number rolled roll a further d6 and a scatter die. Measure from the center of the ship and place a Robot there. Repeat this process at the beginning of the turn every time a multiple of 4 is reached on the activation counter until all 4 robots are deployed.

At the beginning of each turn the robots move d8 inches in a random direction determined by a scatter die. They will never charge anyone but will shoot at the nearest model at the beginning of each turn after they move.

The robots have the profile of a Space Marine Scout and they carry a Pulse Carbine. They never bottle and aren't afraid of creatures that cause fear. They only go away if their wounds are reduced to zero and will fight in hand to hand if charged. They count as having a knife in hand to hand.

Finding the Artefact:
A unit must be inside the main chamber of the Space Craft for one full turn and must do nothing for that whole turn to find the Artefact. Once it is found that unit must move back to the deployment zone or the of that crew to win.

Thats it!

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