Friday, October 14, 2011

Book of The Arbitrator

So I was surfing around the interwebz the other day and stumbled across a blog called Tales From the Maelstrom ( and one of the posts on that blog was about a Necromunda fan-made expansion called Book of the Arbitrator.

So I went to the site and downloaded the pdf and started looking through the rules.

Very neat stuff. See what I've always liked about Necromunda was the idea of a 40k skirmish game, but the problem with Necromunda is that it only covered a small section of the 40k universe. With the Book of the Arbitrator the author had the smae problem and decided to expand upon the Necromunda rule set and open it up to all of the 40k universe.

After reading through it I decided I had to build a 'gang' and play some games. So after talking it over with a buddy of mine we decided to go all-in.

I have begun creating characters and building models, I forgot some of their names and their fluff isn't done yet, but I figured I'd post some WIP pics of the figs.




Fire Team Alpha:

Sargent Bruhm and Company:

Whole 'Gang':

As you can see in the picture with the whole gang there are some figs behind them. Those guys are some adversaries I was thinking of tying into our campaign somehow.

Well that's it for now, I will update probably on Monday after I get a chance to work on these guys over the weekend.

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