Friday, February 1, 2013

Eye Of Terror Campaign: Iron Warriors Vs Eldar Craftworld Antares Game 3 Part 2

Part 2 of this battle report begins with the Eldar Wraithlord moving into the central access hatch.

The Striking Scorpions move through the ruins and assault the Rhino using their Strength of 4.

No grenades are needed to destroy the Iron Warrior's transport.  And only half of the squad escapes alive.

Meanwhile in the center of the board, the second Iron Warrior squad moves onto the central objective and descends into the dark underground.

The survivors of the blown up rhino attempt to make a dash for it but trip over their own feet and don't quite make the elevator.

The other Iron Warriors continue to converge on both the Eldar and the central objective.

The raptors move in to assault the Wraithlord.

The raptors charge and whiff against the Eldar construct,it promptly swings back and kills two.

While the Raptors and Wraithlord are duking it out, the Harlequins sneak on the the objective.

Shortly after the Harlequins hop down the hole, the Dire Avengers behind them open fire on the 20 man squad of cultists reducing them to only 3.

The Vindicator then rotates and spots the Dire Avengers through the forest and fires.

The Dire Avengers take hideous casualties from a direct hit!

The Helbrute, continuously enraged by being shot at multiple turns in a row finally gets its revenge and blows the Wave Serpent to bits.

Another marines squad closes on the central objective along with a Havoc squad, they fire on the last two Dire Avengers and eliminate them.

Suddenly the other Wraithlord stomps the final two raptors and consolidates towards the objective.  The during his movement phase he moves onto the objective right in front of two Iron Warriors squads who are helpless to stop it.

The Eldar pathfinders size up their prey.

They take aim and fire! Killing the final two members of a squad who almost made it to the elevator shaft.

The Havoc squad moves onto the central objective.

The end of the game on turn 6, two squads don't quite make it.

We rolled for turn 7 and the game ended at the end of 6.  Final count: Eldar 4 units (2 Wraithlords, Striking Scorpions, Harlequins) Iron Warriors 3 units (10 marines with Autocannon and plasma gun champ with powersword, 10 marines missile launcher and flamer and champ with melta bombs, and 7 havocs with 4 autocannons)

My units that escaped were a total of 486 points.

I am not sure the point totals of the Eldar units but I feel they may have a slight edge.

Either way the Eldar won this scenario because they had more units than I did make it into the tunnels.

The next mission I will detail here soon.  It will be a modified Zone Mortalis mission.  I can't wait to sit down and make the scenario and I can't wait till the next game.

Until then...

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