Sunday, February 10, 2013

New Blogs and Podcasts

I have found several new blogs and podcasts recently that I added to my blog list and podcast list.

The first one I want to mention is Realm of Chaos: An 80s Warhammer Enthusiast Blog This one is pretty cool.  There is an interview with Rick Priestly and also one with Bryan Ansell.  Rick Priestly of course created Warhammer 40k and Bryan Andell was the owner of GW back in the 80s.

Another blog in my blog list is Squat on My Smiley Face.  This is a blog all about Squats and this guy's journey into making a Squat army.  He recently acquired a huge lot of old Squat figs.

Forgeworld Only is a cool blog devoted to armies created entirely with Forgeworld models.  There are some very beautiful things here and you guys should check it out.

The Road to the Black Library is a blog dedicated to Chaos, both list building and miniatures mainly focused on Ahriman and the Thousand Sons.  Definitely some cool stuff here.

Turn 8 is a podcast I have recently found.  I think these guys do a darn good job.  There is minimal messing around and they cover some pretty cool topics and have a neat twist on battle reports.  After listening to them for awhile now, I can get "next" out of my mind.  You will have to listen to them to get what I mean.

Chaos of the Warp is another podcast I just stumbled onto.  These are some guys from across the pond in England.   Episode 43 has an interview with Rick Priestly. The audio quality could be better and you can only download the episodes through itunes, but it is a pretty good listen.

All of the above are highly recommended to check out.

Soon I will have a new scenario I am working on for a Zone Mortalis game.

Until then...

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