Monday, November 15, 2010

Three games with the Apostles of Contagion

So this past Saturday I was able to play three games with my 2,000 point Apostles of Contagion army.

Its not yet painted but the models are all built.

The army list was as follows: (I dont have th list with me so I am not sure of the points of some of the units)



Company Command Squad - Vox Caster, Chaos Banner

Mortar Squad with Chemical Shells

2 Rogue Psykers of Nurgle with 2 rolls on the Psychic power table each


6 Plague Marines with 2 melta guns
1 Champion with powerfist
in Rhino with extra Armor

6 Plague Marines with 2 melta guns
1 Champion with powerfist
in Rhino with extra Armor

5 Plague Marines with 2 melta guns
1 Champion with powerfist and plasma pistol
in Rhino with extra Armor and combi-flamer


Renegade Armoredfist Squad 1
Missile launcher, grenade launcher, vox caster
Champion with bolt pistol and meltabombs
in Chimera with multilaser, extra armor, and heavy flamer

Renegade Armoredfist Squad
Missile launcher, grenade launcher, vox caster
Champion with bolt pistol and meltabombs
in Chimera with autocannon, extra armor, and heavy bolter

21 Plague Zombies

21 Plague Zombies

21 Plague Zombies

Fast Attack:

Sentinel with autocannon

Heavy Support:

Basilisk Artillery Strike

NOTES on list:

The Rogue Psykers attach to the Armored Fist Squads and Necrosius rides with the 6 man plague marines squad.

The list is from the Siege of Vraks book 3 from Forgeworld.

The first game was against the Eldar.

It was 3 objectives, quarters deployment. I won the roll off for deploy first/ go first but of course he rolled a 6 for seize the initiative.

Luckily he had a poor first turn of shooting. He killed some zombies and stunned a rhino.

I moved two rhinos, a chimera and a squad of zombies forward into the quarter to my left. The central squad of zombies moved forward along with a rhino towards the quarter on my right. The rear squad of zombies moved up to take the objective in my deployment zone.

My plan in this game was to hold the objective in my deployment zone and move most of my army up to contest the other 2 objectives. The plague marines and the zombies along with one armored fist squads would distract/stall his army while trying to contest/hold the other two objectives. I would hold my own objective and see how it played out.

As the game played out he eventually broke through my forces and contested my objective on turn 4. I counter punched and killed a weakened wraithlord and a weakened squad of striking scorpions to push him off my objective.

My left flank pushed out and in the bottom of turn 5 one plague zombie held the objective in that left quadrant. We rolled to see if the game was over and to my luck it was.

I won 2 objectives to one.

It was a good game for me because i was beginning to see the strengths and weaknesses of my army. I was able to see just how good zombies and plague marines are in hand to hand combat.

Having fearless units with feel no pain is very nice.

I won the game, but it was by the skin of my teeth, one more turn and I would have been blown off the objective and lost.

The second and third games were against space marines. Mainly a foot slogging list with some dreadnoughts and and predator.

The first of the two games was a six objective game with a quarters deployment again.
This table was extremely heavy on terrain. Basically it came to down to the fact that I was able to take three objectives fairly easily because they were not easily seen by the marine player.

I shot him off of one objective by hitting him repeatedly with chemical mortars and the artillery strike. The other two objectives i didn't even try to contest.

I won the game three to two.

The last game was quarters again but only three objectives. It was more wide open and the marines showed their superiority in long range fire.

In the end we tied, we each had one objective and we tied the third.

Thoughts on the army:

The list I wrote up is fairly decent. It wouldn't win me any tournaments even if it was tourney legal. But I like it none the less.

The Chemical mortars are probably the best unit in the army. Ther ability to simply ikill whatever they touch short of terminators is impressive. They are probably underpriced.

The Artillery strike is so incredibly inaccurate that a unit standing on the marker for where it hits will probably be safe.

The Plague Marines are awesomely tough. I really like them. I hae never had a real chance to play with them before and I like them alot.

The Zombies are nice because of the number of them I have. 63 plague zombies can be quite the thorn in the side.

I still need to evaluate whether i like the 2 armored fist squads the way they are and the command squad. I may need to change them up adding different weapons and such.

As far as new units, I have a hellhound and up to three leman russes as well as another sentinel I could use. Just need to figure out how to fit them in.

Thats it for now.

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