Monday, January 28, 2013

Its 2013 and there is a lot to talk about

Happy 2013! Its been a while since I posted but don't worry I am still here and in 2013 I will continue to chronicle my gaming right here.

There are number of things to talk about, the first being my campaign game from Saturday.

This past Saturday night I played the 3rd game in our Eye Of Terror Iron Warrior VS Eldar campaign.  This is the first game played at my humble abode and the first game on Eidolon.  I will have a battle report up later this evening I hope.  I took lots of pictures.
Here you can check out the previous two battle reports on my friend's blog:

I also talked to another friend of mine who is running my gaming group's annual big game this year.  We will be using my walls that I built for the big game I ran a few years ago.  I got excited thinking about it so I took some pictures.  They will be up here soon.
Here is my friend's blog talking about the big game this year:

Since the big game is right around the corner in March, I have been trying to kickstart my hobby juices again.  I need to start working on new figures as well as repair older broken figs.  I hope to show my work on here as I progress.

I still also intend to do a review of the Crusade of Fire campaign book and do another podcast update.

Look for another update on here later today....

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