Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Small Fortresses for the Big Game and Hobby Progress

Here are some pics of the 2 fortresses which I will bring to the Big Game.

I set them up and put some Iron Warriors on them to give them scale and some flavor.

Here is the First Fortress

The Second Fortress:

Wow thats a big fortress!

Here are some pics of some dudes and tanks I've just sprayed tonight:

Khorne Berzerkers and Khorne Termies along with Lord Zhufor over to the right.

Some Cultists and chaos guardsmen.

A Demolisher turret!

Thats it for now.  I am working on some other posts which will be up soon!

until then...


  1. Great stuff! I was thinking the walls would be AV14, 5 structure points each. Also, seeing your demolisher turret makes me think that we should have a "siege weapon" rule that increases the chances of damage, like a "6" on a pen roll with a S10 weapon causes 2 points to be removed.

    Are those new Khorne terminators or are you repainting them?

  2. I put them together a few months ago and posted pics of them on here but I never painted them. I finally got them based coated last night.