Monday, March 28, 2011

The Minotaurs

So I recently bought The Badab War Books I + II from Forgeworld and I've decided on building a new army. The Minotaurs Space Marine Chapter is my newest army.

The Minotaurs were initially part of the Cursed 21st Founding. They disappeared from Imperial records at some point and had become lost to history until recently.

When the Badab War broke out The Minotaurs came out of nowhere, their entire chapter's fleet arrived in the sector and immediately started hitting secessionist targets. They declared themselves for the loyalists and sent their head chaplain, Ivanus Enkomi to talk to the war council. From that moment on The Minotaurs were the most ferocious allies on the loyalist side, devastating planets and populations in the sector. They almost completely eliminated the Lamenters chapter and claimed their ancient Battlebarge as spoils of war.

The Minotaurs always prefer to fight at full chapter strength whenever possible. they are fleet-based and so can respond as a chapter to any threat. The have approximately 12 Strike Cruisers in their fleet.

The Minotaurs are known for their use of advanced weapons and tanks, having more Mk8 armour than most chapters have. They have vast numbers of Predators and Vindicators a their disposal. They are also well versed in the art of seigecraft.

They operate under orders from the High Lords of Terra. The High Lords are the only authority The Minotaurs recognize and are frequently sent out to wage war on parts of the Imperium that have either gone rogue or traitor or simply as a political tool to punish those who disobey the Lords' edicts.

They have been known to have eliminated approximately 5 Space Marine Chapters since their reemergence from obscurity. They have been banned from the Ultramar System because of their elimination of the Inceptors Chapter, an Ultramarines Successor Chapter, and their deliberate insulting of Marneus Calgar in the presence of the Genesis Chapter.

Their condescending nature towards other Imperial Authorities has given them a bad name throughout the Imperium. No Imperial Commander will request their presence for aid unless there is no other choice. Also whether they would respond to that request or not is suspect. They Don't care what their reputation is, they only care about serving their masters and crushing worthy foes, who in their minds are other Space Marines. They relish their fights with other Chapters so they can test themselves against a worthy enemy.

The Minotaurs are my kind of army. They embody everything I enjoy fluffwise about an army. They also give me a great reason to have games against other space marines.

The Forgeworld books list two special characters for the Minotaurs; Lord Asterion Moloc and Ivanus Enkomi. Lord Moloc is a beast of a special character. He has a relic blade, a 2+/3++ save and is a 4 wound eternal warrior. But the best part is he gives your entire army preferred enemy: space marines. Thats right. He puts most special characters to shame in hand to hand AND his entire army is well-suited to smashing space marines.

So far I've re-purposed a number of Iron Warrior models because I realized that 12,000 points is probly a bit much for the Iron Warriors.

I've re-purposed a rhino and a predator along with about 20 space marines. I have so far built 3 10 man tac squads, 1 10 man assault squad, 2 attack bikes with MMs, and a land speeder typhoon.

I've begun work on my characters, Enkomi, a Captain, a Libby, and Tech Marine. I've got some stuff in the mail coming along soon which I will use to finish my characters and add some more vehicles to my army with.

So here are some pics:

Whole Army


Assault Squad

Tactical Squads

Next post will be army lists.


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