Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Minotaurs, Blood Angels and White Scars Vs Necrons, Death Guard and Word Bearers

Our buddy was in town over the winter break so we played a very large game at my friend Joe's house.

It was 2,500 points per player.  7,500 points per side.  Not Apocalypse.

I deployed my Minotaur Space Marines on a large wooded hill.  I also had 2 Inquisitors.  One had 3 Servo Skulls and took prescience and the other was in terminator armour and had a psycannon and daemon hammer.

The Terminator Inquisitor stayed in reserve to deepstrike in with a 10 man squad of assault terminators led by Lord Asterion Moloc Chapter Master of the Minotaurs.

The other inquisitor stayed in cover on the hill to assist firing on the enemy by casting prescience.

The mission had 3 objectives.

Here is deployment:

A close-up of the hill:

The Blood Angels:

The Necrons and Chaos alliance went first.  The Stormlord used his lightning and made the first turn Night.  The lightning had an immediate and deadly effect on the Minotaurs, destroying two land speeders immediately.

Shortly after the lightning stopped the enemy fire was upon the Space Marines.  A minotaur rhino was destroyed by a Forgefiend and the surviving squad stumbled out of the wreckage only to be pinned.

The Necrons then focus on the Blood Angels, blowing up a Razorback.

The firing continues until the Landraider is also destroyed.

Not much else happened during the enemy's first turn.  Bottom of turn one, the Blood Angels start to close the gap between the two forces.

The Minotaurs' Dreadnought moves up and fires, blowing up a Death Guard Rhino.  Unfortunately not much else happened.

The top of turn two begins with a high pitched screech as a Helldrake flies onto the board.  The Death Guard advance and disembark in front of the Blood Angels.

The Dreadnought on the hill blows up a Death Guard rhino, but they emerge and come charging up the hill at the Minotaurs lines.  Minotaur Rhinos lay wrecked all over the hillside.

The WhiteScars reserves finally arrive.

In the center the Blood Angels move in and engage the Nurgle-infested Plague Marines.

The next turn the blighted Death Guard strike back!

As the White Scars flank around the enemy on the other side of the battle Necron Night Scythes fly overhead.

On the hill, the Plague Marines have assaulted a Minotaur's tactical squad and the dreadnought is blown up/.

On the far right flank, the White Scars are being handled by the Chaos Marines.

It was at this point that a 10 man terminator squad led by Chapter Master Asterion Moloc of the Minotaurs deepstrikes in along with an Inquisitor of the Ordo Malleus.

The forces of Chaos respond with massed bolter fire and then a charge by Obliterators and Plague Marines.

After several rounds of combat only Moloc and 2 terminators remain.  Moloc, however is making them fearless and they will not budge.

Meanwhile on the left flank, the White Scars continue their advance with the aid of the Minotaurs.

In the center, the Blood Angels are weakened and can't hold on for much longer.

Just when the right flank appears like it will fold, another squad of White Scar bikers arrive and smash into a large squad of Necron Immortals.

Two Heldrakes fly over the battle heading for the hill to take out the pesky Minotaur Space Marines.

A Plague Champion finally kills the Minotaur Terminator Sargent and promptly turns into a Daemon Prince!

The Heldrakes continue on towards the hill as the game ends.

At the end a large squad of Plague Zombies holds the right objective.

A squad of Word Bearers Chaos Marines holds the center objective.

The Minotaurs hold the left objective.

The forces of Chaos and the Necrons got first blood as well.  The Forces of Chaos and the Necrons in the end win a fairly decisive victory.

Coming up soon will be the big game.  I will have lots of pics to post after its all over.

Until then...

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