Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Big Game 2014 Report Part 2

On Friday morning we had breakfast at a local greasy spoon restaurant on the way to the hotel for the big game.  This is the ketchup bottle on our table.  

A portent perhaps?

The previous post had pics of the deployment of the armies.  I want this post to delve into some of the rules I had come up with along with more pics from the event.  We used the Apocalypse rules with a number of modifications.

One thing I did was use the idea of 'Warzones' which is something that GW did when they released the Pandorax and Damnos Apocalypse supplements.  They are both labeled "Warzones' by GW.

The Warzones for this big game were essentially different sections of the board, each with their own additional rules.  We had 4 different Warzones; The Beachhead, The City, The Space Port, and The Forest.

I think this worked out just fine, each Warzone had unique rules and terrain to help define its feel.

The Beachhead

The Forest

The City

The SpacePort

The Overall Map

We used Strategic Assets as well.  We changed how they work with each side alternating taking one card each until we got to 10 cards per side, because there were 10 people on the Imperial side which was the side with the most people.  

During each break we would put them back in the deck and pick 5 each.  So we would contasntly have Strategic Assets to use.

Each Warzone had rules as to how many points each player could deploy to start the game.  The Beachhead allowed the Orks to deploy everything and the Imperials could only deploy half their points.

The City had people deploying either 1000 or 1500 points.  The Spaceport was 1000.  The Iron Warriors had to deploy 2000.  The Forest was 1000 each.

You could increase this number by spending strategic points which were earned either Friday or before by playing games. Winners got 2 points losers got 1 point.  For every 2 points spent you could deploy another 500 points on the table.

We then used the Strategic Reserve Table from the Apoc book to determine when the rest of the people's armies could come in from reserve.  The sizes of people's armies were generally 6000 points.

Here are some more pics from the day:

Stay tuned for the next post where I show even more pictures and go into detail about where I thought this big game failed.  And I list my thoughts on how to do it better.

Until then........

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