Friday, December 7, 2018

100 PL Iron Warriors Vs Marines Errant City Fight!

Right after the previous battle with the Orks and Salamanders, my good friend Pen Dull showed up.

We then rearranged the battlefield and played a scenario I came up with last week.

We played the scenario using my expanded City Fight rules, which are the basic rules for Cities of Death in the main rule book but with a few minor tweaks.

Any rules that aren't described in my rules are assumed to be described elsewhere in the main rule book, such as obstacles (tank traps and razorwire).

The following rules are possibly the rules we will be using for the Last Stand on Doric-Ar1 Saturday Big Game.

Modified City Fight BattleZone Rules

City Ruins
Unless they can Fly, Vehicles, Monsters and Bikes can only end their move on the ground floor of ruins.
Infantry are assumed to be able to scale walls and traverse through windows, doors and portals readily.  These models can therefore move through the floors and walls of a ruin without further impediment unless the particular ruin has specific rules governing its accessibility.
Infantry that are on or behind a ruin receive the benefit of cover as long as at least 50% of the unit is in or behind the ruins.  Infantry units that do not move in their movement phase may add 2 to their cover save instead of the usual 1 against all shooting attacks.  Non-Infantry units only receive the benefit of cover if at least 50% of the model is actually obscured from the point of view of the firer and is within the ruin. <- big="" font="" game.="" good.="" i="" in="" is="" italicized="" last="" nbsp="" not="" part="" perhaps="" that="" the="" think="" this="" use="" very="" we="" will="">

Height Advantage
A model gains a height advantage whilst occupying the upper levels of a city ruin and shooting at a unit that is either at street level or within a lower level of city ruins.  To gain a height advantage every model in the target unit must be on levels that are 3” or more below that of the firing model.  If a model shoots with a height advantage, the target does not receive any of the benefits of cover.

Streets and Roads
You can move a model an extra 2” if it spends its entire Movement phase on a street or road (move a model and extra 4” if it advances.) This has no effect on units that can Fly.

Fire in the Hole
Re-roll all failed wound rolls made when a model throws a Grenade at a unit on or in ruins.  Furthermore, if a Grenade makes a random number of attacks, that Grenade always makes the maximum number of attacks instead.
When a unit fires a Flamer and other flame-type weapons (usually weapons that auto-hit d6 times, are 8” range and are considered flame or chemical-type weapons in the background) at another unit in cover the unit being fired upon receives no benefit for being in cover.

City Fight Strategems

2 CP - Sewer Rats: This stratagem is used just before you set up an Infantry unit during deployment.  Instead of setting that unit up on the battlefield, they are infiltrating the city’s sewer system.  At the end of any of your Movement phases, you can set up the unit anywhere on the battlefield at street level that is more than 9” from any enemy model and not in a city ruin.

1 CP – Medical Facility: This stratagem is used after both sides have deployed, but before the first battle round begins.  Nominate a single city ruin to house the Medicae Facility.  Roll a dice each time a model loses a wound whilst occupying that city ruin: on a 6, the model has been healed and does not lose the wound.

1 CP – Booby Traps: This stratagem is used after both sides have deployed but before the first battle round begins.  Secretly nominate a single city ruin to house the Booby traps and write this down – this cannot be a city ruin that is currently occupied by any models.  The first time any model, moves into the city ruin, they trigger the Booby Traps and suffer D3 mortal wounds (D6 if they were advancing).

1 CP – Death in the Streets: This stratagem can be used when a unit with a height advantage shoots an enemy unit that is entirely at street level and not in cover.  You can re-roll all failed hit and wound rolls when resolving shots at that enemy unit.

 The Scenario I titled: The Assault on Marluune 3210

Here are the scenario rules:

Note: The Iron Warriors are the Attackers.
Both sides roll off.  The player who rolls highest may choose to deploy their first or second.
Each player alternates deploying one unit until both sides have deployed their entire force.
The players then roll off to determine who goes first, with the winner of the roll choosing who goes first.  Whomever finished deploying first adds 1 to this roll.
The player who was determined to go second may then attempt to Seize the Initiative.

Special Rules:

· The Modified City Fight Battlezone rules are used in this scenario and the battlefield should be heavy ruins.

· The Attacker picks a Ruse Card from the Open War Deck, then the defender picks a random Ruse Card from what remains. 

· Command Bunker: The Defender must deploy a Command Bunker in the center of their Deployment Zone. It uses the rules for Bunkers from the Stronghold Assault Battle Zone.  The Command Bunker uses the Targeting Augur special rules from the Bunker Assault Mission.

· Attack at Dawn: The first turn is shortly before sunrise so every shooting attack suffers a –1 to hit due to low visibility.

Game Length:

At the end of turn 5 roll a die, if a 5+ is rolled the game continues to a final turn 6.

Victory Conditions:

Each ruins within the Defenders Deployment Zone is worth 1 VP to the Defender if it is held at the end of the game or 2 VP for the attacker.  A ruin is held by a player if that player has more models inside it at the end of the game then the opponent.

Each enemy Warlord is worth 2 VP.

The game immediately ends if the Attacker ends one of their turns with an Infantry unit garrisoning the Command Bunker.

The Scenario calls for me to pick a Ruse ahead of time and then for my opponent to pick a random Ruse from the remaining Ruse deck.

 My Ruse

His Ruse

 Here are some pictures from the game.

I forgot to take a picture of the deployment so this is the first turn.  Note, I have already used my ruse to hit his flank. Without the ruses I would have had a difficult time getting to his lines.

My Deployment in my deployment zone.  I have 2 squads of Havocs on the second floor of ruins, one with lascannons and one with missile launchers. 

He begins to deal with my "outflankers".

 A view of the whole board on turn 1.

One of my marine squads is gone after his first turn.

His reserves arrive in a drop pod.

 I respond with a marine unit jumping out of a rhino to fire on the drop-podders.

My cultists scuttle through some ruins, trying to remain in cover.

Another squad of Cultists and the reaction squad of Marines.

 I eventually destroy the drop pod and my forces advance.

 Obliterators versus Terminators.

His firepower is still impressive.

My Sorceror tries to cast some powers.

 After a successful round of shooting the terminators are eliminated and I control most of the board.

At the end of the game I control more ruins than he does.

We had a great game.  It was fun trying out those modified city fight rules.  I think the scenario was also pretty fun. I ended up winning because I controlled more buildings than he did.

I just found out that new city fight rules will soon be released so I will look at those and possibly use them straight out of the box for the big game.  Only time will tell.

This weekend I have a Space Marine and Inquisition VS Orks matchup and next Thursday I will be back to playing Necromunda!

I will try and take some pictures of those events.

Until next time....


  1. I think the city fight rules we used were brilliant. I’m hanging on to that nice laminated mission to use again.

    I look forward to expanding cover rules and using height advantage.