Monday, February 20, 2012

D-Company Big Games: A Retrospective in Pictures

This coming Friday marks the beginning of Big Game 2012 for our gaming group. We've been doing a big game every year since the early 2000's. We started doing these way before Apocalypse came out because we always liked the idea of stretching 40k to its limits and beyond.

Recently they have become great ways for our gaming group to get together and have a weekend full of 40k insanity. Our group has become splintered and people have moved away so we all try and get together for a big game every year.

Here are some pics from past Big Games:







I can't wait for Friday!


  1. I can't wait for pics of Friday! Past years look like awesome fun events!

    (And everso jealous of those sweet Armorcast Warhounds in the 2009 pics.... I miss the old style titans - so much sleeker. - is "sleeker" even a real word?)

  2. I liked them a lot too. I actually painted those grey and black ones in that picture. My friend who was fielding them needed them painted, so I obliged. I don't do much commission work, but sometimes for friends I will.

    The big game this year is Friday and Saturday this week. I will take a bunch of pictures and on Monday I'll put up a new blog post with the pictures and a review of the game.