Monday, February 27, 2012

Split-level Gaming For Necromunda and 40k

This past weekend I was consumed by the Big Game and didn't check anything online. I get up this morning and what do I find? Zone Mortalis has been released by Forge World.

Here is the link to the free pdf ruleset:

This has totally re-ignited my passion for small skirmish style games set in a claustrophobic environment. I have come up with an interesting idea for split-level games.

I have a 6x4 foot table in my place with which I will be designing scenarios and terrain for.

The first scenario i want to come up with is for Book of the Arbitrator, the second will be for 40k skirmish games (possibly Killzone or Zone Mortalis).

The idea is to split the table in two so I have 2 4' by 3' halves. One half will be above ground the other below ground. They will be linked by hatches or elevators or both (haven't thought that far in advance yet). These 'links' will allow the forces to travel 'up' or 'down' from one half to the other.

Here is a sample layout I came up with using MS Paint:

I will be coming up with scenarios to utilize this idea soon.

Also coming soon is pictures and a battle report of this past weekend's big game.

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