Monday, July 23, 2012

New Blogs and Podcast updates

I've been listening to a lot of Podcasts recently as I mentioned in my previous post.  I thought I'd share them with you guys:

11th Company Podcast - These guys are still one of my favorites, new podcast every week and they are usually between 2 and 5 hours long.  They talk news, hobby progress, and they do interviews in Pat's Corner, they also talk terrain in their tactical terrain segment and they do book reviews from time to time.
Currently they've been going over 6th edition for the last couple of episodes.

Deepstrike Radio - These guys talk fluff a lot.  This weeks episode is about the Ordo Xenos and they talk over its history and main characters in the fluff and in rules and then go on to make 3 army lists.

The Independent Characters - This week's episode is about the community's reaction to 6th edition.  They also interview Reece Robins (Reecius from DakkaDakka) about 6th edition and tournaments.

Frontline Gaming - This is a blog and business as well and they do a twice weekly half hour podcast.  I initially wasn't sure if I'de like the format, but Reece does a good job and I am now ok with recommending this show.

The D6 Generation - Russ Wakelin and company from DakkaDakka have run this podcast for many years and they still do a great job.  They do reviews of board games and card games.  They also talk about whats new in gaming.

World's End Radio - These guys are from Australia and they play fantasy as well as 40k and blood bowl.  The current episode is their 40k 6th edition episode.  They are always interesting and entertaining.

Also a friend of mine has started a new blog so I thought I'd link to it here:


And here is another blog I've started looking at as well:

Faeit 212 - Mainly rumors, updated many times every day.

So Faeit 212 just dropped new chaos codex rumors along with a few others as I am typing this.  So you better go check it out.

I am outta here until next time.....

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