Tuesday, July 31, 2012

2013 Big Game Plans

So it appears no one in my gaming group has as of yet stepped up to run the big game.  I threw in my services if people want them.  I figured I'd post up something on here about some ideas I have.

6th Ed and the Future Thoughts for the game:

- 6th Edition is here and I want to use its allies rules for the big game because they make everything easier from an organizer's stand point.

- 6th Edition also has rules for flyers, so that annual debate about what rules to use can be settled once and for all.

- We always allow Forgeworld and with their new supplement for fliers we are good on that front.

- I have a feeling there will be many new releases from Forgeworld and GW before this year's big game so I will have to account for that.

- I like the idea of adding Fortifications both the ones in the main rulebook and perhaps new ones the players create or ones that I create for the scenario.  This is a great addition that GW threw at us gamers to develop and make our own.

Existing Terrain thoughts:

- I have built large walls which I used in my previous big game and could use in the new one (in a much less prominent role).

- I built tunnel terrain for my Book of the Arbitrator campaign.

- I have been working on new high-tech walls and other small pieces of terrain for zone mortalis/boarding action scenarios.

- My friend Joe has plenty of buildings and hills and forests.

- My friend Dale also has lots of Orky terrain.

Existing Armies of friends:

- Sisters of Battle

- Black Templars, Blood Angels, Space Wolves, Grey Knights, various Vanilla Marine codex armies

- Orks, Tyranids, Eldar, and Dark Eldar

- Chaos Marines and Daemons

- not much Tau really.

- Imperial Guard with tons of flyers and ground pounding guard.

- Warhound Titans, Eldar Titan, Ork Stompas, Thunderhawks, Baneblades

- Ork Flyers

With this being said I have some things I want to try to do.

- World clock - meaning not everyone is always on the same turn. (this is an idea and may not happen)

- Different areas are different 'scenes'

- Multiple objectives in each area that are 'interactive'

- Multiple objectives for each player some of which may be random some of which may be chosen by the player and some of which may be secret.

- World effects - effects that happen simultaneously across all 'scenes' because of an event (like a particular objective is taken or destroyed).

- Multiple teams as opposed to one team versus one team we could have 3 teams like Chaos, Imperial, and Xenos each with their own goals.

So with these things written down here I will let them stew in my mind and yours for awhile.  If anyone has any ideas or comments please share them with me below.


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  1. On the world clock:
    I was thinking about the World Clock discussion we had. One of the things covered was the fact that in order to have the World Clock, we need to have the battle separated by defined impassable gaps, essentially different tables.

    I know we have spoken about your last "big game," where we enjoyed armies "mixing," as it were.

    What about the idea that a world clock would run for half of the day, and then the battle would "open up" where everyone could fight together? When the clock was up, then everyone would, wherever they are in the game, fight each other.

    I'll expand upon this in my blog as well. I've been thinking about these things while holding a newborn. Seriously. :)