Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Apocalypse Light BatRep - The Battle for Rod - Part 2

And now the exciting conclusion of the Battle for Rod!

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Two Assault marines who just blew up a rhino jump into the teeth of the three Predators with the intent of hacking at least one of them apart.

Two squads deepstrike,one Blood Angel and one Grey Knight Squad.

The Nurgle Terminators couldn't make their charge.  The Imperials open fire with Tau supporting.

The combined fire power eliminates the terminators completely.

The Assault Marines charge and blow up an Iron Warrior Predator.

The Terminators led by Brother-Captain Silas and Death Company assault the Plague Marines.  Silas would end up killing 2 characters adding points to their side's cause.

The Plague Marines who had previously destroyed Shadowsun and her crew of Stealth Suits move out of the woods and prepare to assault a squad of Guardsmen.

The Chosen fire their 2 flamers and rapid fire their bolters at the Blood Angels hoping to thin their ranks.  The Warpsmith adds his own flamer mechadendrite and the Burning Brand of Skalathrax.

The Obliterators move to counter the Grey Knight Strike squad.  The 4 Chaos Marines left over from their squad add their 8 bolter shots.

On the right flank of the Chaos lines the Word Bearers continue their advance.  The Marines push forward and the Daemon Prince flies up to the top of the hill.

After one round of combat Nurgle wins.  Due to the determination of the Lord Commissar the remaining Guardsmen stay locked with the traitor marines.

Strangely in the lake, a wounded Warren Moon emerges from under the surface.  Rod winks at him and he does the backstroke only to submerge again below the rippling water's surface.

Meanwhile the Storm Raven flies back on and fires a missile and its twin-linked multimelta at the Heldrake.

After the smoke cleared the Heldrake comes crashing down to the ground, its Daemonic aura not saving it.

The remaining Thunderbolt flies forward and does a diving attack run at the Iron Warrior's Predator.

The lascannons of the Imperial Flyer tear through the hull and detonates the tank's power cells blowing it to bits.

The Blood Angels surround the Warpsmith and his squad.  He doesn't flinch and prepares for the inevitable assault.

The charge comes and the Iron Warriors hold killing several Blood Angels.

The Grey knights charge up the hill hoping to eliminate the Iron Warriors.  They were unsuccessful.

A lone Blood Angel Assault marines charges an Iron Warrior rhino and destroys it.  The squad inside stumbles out losing one of their number.

The next turn comes and the Marines who just had their rhino explode leave the wreckage and simply move around the Blood Angel ignoring him completely.  The Predator turns to face him.

Daemon Prince Skull Crusher invokes his Primarch Lorgar's Finest Hour to take control of the Blood Angels's Storm Raven.  He makes the flyer drop into hover mode and rotate 180 degrees and fire into the Tau Skyray, crippling it.

The Predator opens fire with three lascannons on the lone assault marine killing him instantly.

The Imperial turn 5 then came and went.  They kill the Daemon Prince of the Word Bearers with overwhelming firepower from the Tau

As the game came to an end the objective in the woods on the right flank of Chaos is firmly held by Chaos Marines.

The central objective of Rod is held by Nurgle.  Behind him the Gazebo is still unheld by either side allowing that objective to be wasted.

The final objective on the left flank of Chaos is held by Iron Warrior and Word Bearer Marines.

In the end Chaos wins the day by a score of 8-7.

3 points for Rod
2 Points for the other two objectives.
2 Points for slaying Warlords.
1 Point for 1st blood

Imperial W/Allies:
4 Points for Brother Silas slaying Characters via his Warlord trait
2 Points for slaying Warlords
1 Point for Linebreaker

The Stench of Rod spread across the planet and Nurgle corrupted it all.  One less Imperial controlled world in realspace.

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