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Apocalypse Light BatRep - The Battle for Rod - Part 1

This battle I am calling an Apocalypse light battle because we used some Apoc rules but not all.

We used Finest Hour, Formations, Divine Intervention, and modified Strategic Reserves.

Modified Strategic Reserves meant we simply allowed anything in reserve to arrive at the beginning of whatever turn the players wanted it to arrive at starting on turn two.

We did not use Strategic Assets.  We made up our own scenario with our own objective rules which also allowed for First Blood, Slay the Warlord, and Line Breaker.  We also had no Super-Heavies.

Also only troops scored objectives.

The Game was 7,000 points per side.
On one side was my Iron Warriors, Dacio's DeathGuard, and Chaos101's Word Bearers.
On the other side was BrotheSilas's Blood Angels with Grey Knight allies and Jedly's Tau with Imperial Guard Allies.

My Iron Warriors took two Formations: The Traitor Legionnaire Warband and The Predator Assassin Squadron.
The Word Bearers took The Heldrake Fear Squadron.

The Scenario was based around Rod.  He was the central objective and was worth 3 points at the end of the game.  There were also three small piles of skulls each worth 1 point each.  One pile of skulls was in the Gazebo, one was in a small forest, and the third was in a ruined building.

The chaos forces rolled highest chose which side to deploy on an to deploy first and go first.  We deployed 18" off each long board edge on a 6' by 8' table.

The Imperial and allies force failed to seize the initiative.


Lord Anus surveyed the battlefield from a small cogitator view screen within his Land Raider command vehicle.  He decided that his forces must deploy intermixed with his allies to ensure proper coverage.
Because the force of Rod, if unleashed could send this Imperial world into a miasma of Nurgle's stench, he knew that this mission must be successful no matter the cost.

His allies, the Word Bearers led by Skull Crusher the Daemon Prince and Lord Ferrus Nax of the Iron Warriors, may have their own goals but ultimately a victory for Nurgle on this planet is a large blow against the Imperium and because of this Lord Anus knew he could at least mostly count on them this day.

The Battlefield

The Chaos Line

The Imperial Line

The Tau Infiltrate ShadowSun and a squad of Stealth Suits

The Reason for the battle: Rod Stewart!

Before the first turn the Heldrake Fear squadron gets a pre-game move including vector-strikes.  Lord Anus seems pleased with the fast moving Chaos Flyers and they zoom across the battlefield and end up on the opposite side behind the lines of the Imperials.

The Iron Warriors Predator Assassin Squad move forward slightly to get line of sight to their chosen target.

After firing and hitting with all three lascannons, the right Predator overcharges the shot to make it a single strength D ap 2 shot.  The tank-hunting round penetrates the Land Raider Proteus and blows it sky-high.

First blood goes to Chaos.

At this point its time for some dip.

The Nurgle infested transports advance.  While the Iron Warrior fire base in the center provides covering fire.  The Chaos Warlord of the Iron Warriors focuses the Quad Gun onto the Tau Hammerhead and blows its turret off.

The Word Bearers on the right flank advance and fire some shots. The Damon Prince Skull Crusher decides its not time yet to fly into the air and instead lurks in a ruins awaiting the next turn.

After the top of the first turn the Tau's stealth suits move into the woods further to get better shots on the advancing chaos marines.

Rod is enjoying himself observing this fantastic battle of the 41st millenium.

As the battle continues unchecked around Rod, the Tau's barrage of weapons fire smokes an Iron Warriors' Rhino in the center of the board.  Two Battle-brother of the Legion die as they attempt to escape the burning wreck.  They pass their pin check and the squad is determined to lend their support to the battle before they all are turned to smoking corpses.

On the right flank another rhino, this time a Death Guard rhino, also gets blown to bits by the Tau.

After a fairly quiet turn of shooting, the Chaos forces continue their advance up the left flank.

Nurgle vehicles continue their rumbling advance up the center.  The Iron Warrior squad decides to stay in the relative safety of their wrecked rhino's crater and fire off a few autocannon rounds.

On the right flank the Word Bearers move in to support the Death Guard Plague Marines as they attempt to root out the Tau from their forest strong point.

The bottom of turn two sees the Imperials bringing in their reserves.  Their reserves include an attempt to be clever by Marbo.  He appears right behind the Iron Warriors strong point.  Seeing this potentially problematic situation, the Iron Warrios' Lord turns his Quad Gun around 360 degrees and blows away Guardsman Marbo in a hail of Intercepting Autocannon shells.

With five Imperial flyers including a Vendetta, a Valkyrie, two Thunderbolt fighters and a Storm Raven of the Blood Angels chapter zooming onto the board, the battle has truly been joined.

Understanding the potential dangers of three Heldrakes flying around the board unopposed, the two Thunderbolts go straight at them.  Unfortunately for the Imperial side both Heldrakes survive.

The Valkyrie flies straight up the middle of the board and drops off a squad of Imkperial Guard veterans armed to the teeth with demo charges and melta guns.

Behind them a Grey Knight Strike squad deepstrikes to add their considerable fire support.

The Vendetta flies forward and opens up on the Defiler with several shots hitting home, one of them finds the Battle Cannon and it is destroyed.

Behind the Storm Raven another squad of Grey Knight strike marines deepstrike on.

Mephiston and two assault marines make it into a Nurgle Rhino......

.....And they destroy it easily.

A squad of Word Bearers moves up in their rhino and then disembarks into the ruin to try and take the objective.

Continuing their relentless advance, the Death Guard moves forward.  A Decimator engine advances along side them.

In the central pond, a Death Guard terminator squad disembarks and prepares to charge.

On the far right flank, a squad of Word Bearers disembarks from their rhino to lend fire support for their Daemon Prince Warlord, Skull Crusher.

The Predator Assassin squadron focuses their firepower and roll a billioin 6's.  They down the Thunderbolt fighter plane easily.  The Iron Warrior Lord calls upon Perturabo, his Daemon Primarch, and the Havoc Squad to his right fires their flakk missiles at the Blood Angel Storm Raven and blow off the twin-linked Plasma Cannon and lock its velocity.

Plague Marines assault the Tau Stealth Squad in the forest.

The Plague Champion challenges Shadowsun, the Warlord of theTau.

The Champion kills Shadowsun, the Plague Marines slaughter the Stealth Suits and then run then down, hacking them to bits.

Coming up next post......

....The exciting conclusion of this Apoc bat rep.

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