Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Big Game 2014: Preliminary Maps

I've come up with 2 maps of the big game main table.

I don't know which one of these, if either I will use.  Right now neither of these include the large walls.  In the previous comments, Mark wanted me to use them so these maps will probably be modified.

I like this map quite a bit.  The green and red rectangles are where armies on either team will be deployed.  Sizes of armies are not yet determined.

Turn 1 I am thinking of having 4,000pts per rectangle with the deployments in the forest and beach landing being larger either 6000 or 8000pts.

The blue circles are objectives.  The grey square in the center is the large 2 foot cube bunker.  The green and red circles are also objectives.  They will play a different role than the small blue circles.

Now for map 2:

This map has 2 tables.  The forest table being separate from the other table.  The beach landing is larger here and so can play a bigger role with more players vying for control of the beach head.

Map 2 is not fleshed out as well as Map 1.  It does not have objectives or deployment zones on the forest table.

On each map the black rectangles are supposed to be 6' by 8' tables as a point of reference.

Any ideas or suggestions? I will try and come up with a different map that includes the walls and post it later.


  1. Whatever you do, make sure armies can actually fully engage in the time allotted. I used a form of "teleporting" forces around, that allowed a larger table.

    The airfield areas look like those could just be one-vs-one areas, where the two players don't mix so much with the others.

    However, for those in love with the World Clock this is probably a good, and intentional thing.

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  3. I love the idea of the world clock.

    For map 2 what if you were to make where the airfield is now into more desert, beach, or a new objective like a power plant and put the airfield in the forest table? Then you could have it be a seize the airfield map. The airfield could have some rules to reflect it supporting the defenders repelling the landings. The attackers could have some restrictions to reflect being deep in enemy territory.

    Just some thoughts.

    Both maps look pretty solid and I look forward to purging the unclean off them.

  4. I took another look at the first map. It seems as if there are some areas (the left and right "city" areas) that show an unbalance of power. I really like this.

    I'm becoming more and more of a fan of the first map.

    I see the logic in the world clock, I'd just like to see a "Full-Scale-War" option where everyone synchronized and it became one big game again.