Friday, May 16, 2014

7th Edition Rules discussion continued and a Kickstarter

First of all, I usually don't do this sort of thing on my blog, BUT Ramshackle Games has started a kickstarter for some tanks:

I really like Ramshackle games and is one of the only 3rd party manufacturers that I have bought figs from to use in 40k and Book of The Arbitrator (modified Necromunda rules).

Here are three examples of their vehicles that I have painted up:

I really like the tanks that they have come up with for this Kickstarter and I wish them luck!

Now onto more 7th Ed discussion.

Supposedly all armies can ally with themselves as battle brothers.
I see this as fine as long as the 2000point limit is when you can take 2 force orgs.  Its not that big of a deal and I thought was kind of implied (or at least should have been) in 6th anyway.

Battle Brother ICs can join units from their ally and be embarked in a transport of that ally's army.
This should have existed before as well.  It made no sense for a terminator-armoured Inquisitor to be allowed to be joined to a squad of terminators but then not be allowed to jump in their Landraider.

The last rumor is Battle Brothers are Eldar/Dark Eldar; All Imperial Armies; All Chaos Armies.
The other levels of ally have not been released thus far as far as I know.

Jink Saves
A unit must declare that it is taking a 'jink' save.  If it declares that it is doing so then the next turn that unit can only snap fire.
I really like this.  It makes units like Wave Serpents and Bikers now less uber awesome.  They can still get the great protection a jink save provides but it now comes at a cost of reduced effectiveness in shooting the next turn.  Its a nice cost-benefit thing, it adds a level of complexity.

A gun with snap fire can only shoot at flyers with its full BS even if it has Interceptor.
This potentially makes Missile Launchers with Flakk missiles much less useful unless the bearer can shoot frag and krak at ground targets and use its normal BS, we shall see.

Things like the Icarus Lascannon or Quad-Gun on the Aegis Defence Line are also negatively impacted.  Before if someone didn't have a flier these guns were still useful, now if they don't have a flyer you might as well never even shoot the damned things.

Battle-Forged Troops have Scoring Priority
Troop units from Battle-Forged armies (armies made using the traditional Force Org chart) can control objectives even if other units are in contesting range (unless those other units are also Battle-Forged troops).

This is big for playing against Unbound Armies. In 7th Ed everything Scores except Zooming Flyers.  Because of this Unbound Armies can actually possibly win games without eliminating the entirety of their enemy's army.

One reason you would play with a Battle-Forged army (which uses force org) compared to an Unbound Army (which is anything can be put in the army) is that the if troops from the Battle-forged army control an objective the Unbound army can't simply move and contest the objective, in fact they can never contest an objective that has a Battle-forged troops unit on it.

I think this is great and fluffy and can help encourage using the force org which we all know and love.

Well this is all I got for now.  I am getting really excited to pick up the new 7th ed rules.

Until Next Time...

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