Thursday, May 8, 2014

Minotaurs Vs Marines Errant 2000pts. Part 2

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The Minotaurs continue to surround the central building which houses the Relic.

The Librarian jumps out of the back of his Rhino along with a squad of Sternguard and opens up on a Marines Errant Marines squad, killing several.

The Marines Errant then push back against the Minotaurs moving forward and....

Destroying a rhino and a landspeeder along with numerous Space Marines of the Minotaurs Chapter.

Librarian Ampelios unleashes a Psychic storm that destroys several Marines Errants.  The combined fire power of the Predator, the Sternguard and the regular Minotaur marine squad kills the rest of the Marines Errant squad.

A Minotaurs combat squad charges into a Marines Errant Dreadnought hoping against hope that they can destroy it, but knowing truly that they will act simply as a speed bump to the Dreadnought.  After one round of combat only the Sargent remains.

The Minotaurs move forward to surround the objective.

The Marines Errant continue to advance, the two forces now able to see the white of their opponent's eyes.

Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Lord Robert Baratheon moves into the ruins ready to strike at the Marines Errant.

A combat squad fires its meltaguns into a Dreadnought blowing it sky high.

Baratheon makes short work of the combat squad in the ruins and the tide begins to turn.

A Minotaurs land speeder drops behind a Predator and blows off its sponson.

The Dreadnought of the Marines Errant gets destroyed by a lucky shot and the Minotaurs continue their advance.

But it seems that this may have all been a ploy to lure in the Minotaurs to be crushed by the Marines Errant.

Marines Errant advance on the Minotaurs right flank and blow away a combat squad.

The center of the blue and white marines' line opens fire and kills Baratheon's squad around him, leaving him in a pile of dead and smoking bodies.  With grim determination he trudges on.

Librarian Ampelios and Lord Inquisitor Robert Baratheon close on the Marines Errant Devastator squad.

As the game ends,the Minotaurs have a combat squad controlling the Relic.

While Chronos put the pedal to the metal to cross the board for Linebreaker, he couldn't quite make it.

The Minotaurs emerge victorious, but only just.


There are two more battle reports from this weekend so stay tuned.

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  1. Awesome! That was a bloody one, and a nail-biter. Rockin' terrain too!

    Hey btw what's up with the d-co site?

    1. I'm working with Brad to get the site transferred over to me so he needn't worry about it any more. He's pretty busy ATM though, so communications are sporadic.