Sunday, October 5, 2014

Things I have been working on

So my girlfriend and I have decided to enter the Armies on Parade contest at the local GW.

We have been going there recently because of the great manager and we decided to enter this contest where you bring in your fully-painted army and they get judged for painting and there are medals given out for first second and third place.

Neither my girlfriend nor I are under the illusion that we are amazing painters but we thought it would be a good chance to get some hobby progress done.  Its always difficult to get things done if you don't have a deadline so this worked perfectly.

The deadline is October 25th.  We will bring in our armies and they will be judged that day.

I have decided after much consideration to work on my Minotaur Space Marines.

Here are two finished Storm Talons:

Here is a squad of Assault Marines I have finished as well.

Here is a terminator squad made up of the Space Hulk Terminators.  I have just begun painting them.

Also I thought I should make a display board.  I started with an almost 2' by 2' board and used Great Stuff spray foam and Spackle to build it up.

I think so far so good:

Its unfortunate how long its been since I posted and I wanted to post some bat reps but I never got around to it.

Hopefully I will be posting more soon.

Until next time.....

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