Sunday, October 26, 2014

Armies On Parade and What-Khan

So yesterday my Girlfriend and myself took part in our local GW's Armies On Parade event.

I have always shunned GW stores in the past but the new Manager who has been there for almost a year now is a really great guy and so we have been going to his store more often.

He was quite excited for this event and so we got excited for it as well.

It is a great excuse for us to get things done.

Setting a deadline is basically the only way for me to do hobby progress, that and a day of the week set aside for it, which we have also been doing recently.

Also coming up in 2 weeks is Rock-Con, I mean What-Khan.

I don't understand why the new name is What-Khan but if its like the Rock-Con's of old then I don't care.

Anyways I took pictures from Armies On Parade and here they are:

Next time I will do an update on hobby progress.

Until next time...


  1. The Minotaur Space Marines. They are the Bronze Marines on the grey and green and brown base.

  2. Do I see Dan's forces in there as well? Nids and Bugs and cool terrain?

  3. Who took some of the prizes home? I know I would want to vote for the Fantasy dioramas -- Skaven v Brettonians or that last Empire one with the tower and huge griffon.

  4. Dan brought Grey Knights they are there.

    The Empire one with the tower did win as did the Space Wolves on the circular base and I don't remember the other one that won.