Thursday, November 20, 2014

What-Khan (Rock-Con) Battle Report

So this past weekend was What-Khan which has been renamed from Rock-Con.  I don't know the whole story for the name chage but it really doesn't matter its the same old Rock-Con I remember.

So I got in three games. 

This first was the only game I took pictures of and so I thought I would do a battle report.

It was 2 Ork armies at 3,000 points each versus 2600 points of Sisters of Battle and my own 3400 points of Minotaur Space Marines.

The Minotaurs and the Sisters of Battle deploy opposite of the Orks.  The mission is Emperor's Will and each side places one objective in their deployment zone.  The blue washer is the objective in our zone.

On the Minotuar's right flank the Orks deploy a battle wagon full of Mega-Armoured Nobs.  hey would prove to be a thorn in the Minotaur' side.

Lines of Grots and Orks line up with a Gorkanaut (or Possibly Morkanaut) in the center giving them moral support.

Linig up across from the Gorkanaut (or Possibly Morkanaut) is an Imperial Knoght which has allied with the Sisters of Battle.  It will prove to be a decisive weapon in the battle against the Orks.

The Ork Horde has the first turn.  Immediately a Weirdboy casts a spell that will teleport a huge squad of Boyz right to the center of the table, dangerously close the the Minotaurs' lines.

Another Weirdboy attempts the same maneuver but he and his squad teleport into solid rock and are lost for eternity.

The rest of the Ork horde moves forward.

The Minotaurs react to this large squad teleporting directly in front of them by slightly repositioning and them blasting them into bits with their exploding bolt rounds.  The once enormous mob of buyz is reduced to a few greenskins surrounding the Weirdboy.

The Imperial Knight moves forward wanting to engage the Gorkanaut (or Possibly Morkanaut) in a brutal hand to hand battle but before he is able to engage it the Sisters of Battle Exorcist tank lets loose a flurry of missiles which hit and explode the massive Ork construct!  Fragments of the Gorkanaut (or Possibly Morkanaut) fly in all directions killing multiple Orks and Grots.

The Imperial Knight charges into the Ork line killing many Orks and Grots.  In the next turn the Orks fight back and the Imperial Knight explodes in a huge firestorm engulfing many more Orks. After its all over there are not many greenskins left on the Imperial left flank.

The Orks in the center and on the right flank continue to advance.

Outflanking Warbuggies show up on the right flank of the Minotaurs they set off several rokkits and damage a Predator, blowing off a heavy bolter.

The Minotaur Space Marines respond to the outlfanking menace by repositioning their Predator and moving a Marine Squad and Rhino and Land Speeder to fire upon the intruders.  A few hull points are blown off but not much more.

A Sisters of Battle Dominion Squad outflanks with 4 meltaguns and fires on the Ork Battlewagon.  It explodes and the Mega-Armoured Nobs scramble out of the wreckage and head towards the Minotaurs.

High Chaplain Ivanus Enkomi, acting Warlord, disembarks with his Vanguard Veteran Squad from their Land Raider Crusader and charge headlong into a full Squad of Ard Boyz.

The MegaNobs continue their slow advance towards the Land Raider.

The Rhino that had moved up to assist with Enkomi is destoryed and two small combat squads disembark.

Vigilator-Sargeant Hamath Kraatos leading his Devastator squad gets assaulted by a squad of Grots, he gets challenged and accepts.

The Dominion Squad gets assaulted by a huge mob of Boyz and is never heard from again.

The MegaNobs assault the Land Raider Crusader and it blows up in a huge explosion.

The Buggys try to escape retribution but the Minotaurs continue to harass them and the Mega Nobs.

By this time the center has become clogged with Orks again.  Again the Minotaurs must blow them away with firepower or risk being over run.

With the Buggys dealt with, the Minotaurs move to block the MegaNobs from getting to the center of their lines.  The Minotaur Terminators along with a Tactical Squad move to attack the Orks moving up the middle.

As the Orks move onto the Imperial Objective and things begin to look grim, the Sisters of Battle arrive, disembark from their transports, bellow their acts of faith and blow away the mob, retaking their own Objective.

Minotaurs flyer finally arrive and fly onto the board firing at the large mob of Kans in the center of the board.

The Storm Talon and Storm Raven do their job.

The MegaNobs finally reach the center of the Minotaur line.  The remaingin Marines respond valliantly.

With the Grots finally driven back an Ork Boyz squad assaults and eventually overwhelms the devastator squad, taking the tower.

On the far side of the board, Saint Celestine and her squad of Seraphim deepstruck in.  They then were beset by an Ork Dreadnought and fought to bring it down.

With the Imperial Objective secured, the Sisters and Mintoraus have to focus on the right flank.

The Mintoaurs reposition for one final battle against the Ork Horde.

The two Minotaur Flyer move to the center of the board and open fire on the Ork squad on the objective.  The Orks break and run off the table.

Victory for the Imperium!

Minotaurs and Sisters - First Blood(1), LineBreaker(1), One Objective(3) - 5 points

Orks - Line Breaker(1), Slay the Warlord(1) - 2 points

I played in a great Apocalypse game the weekend after What-Khan and that should be my next post.

Until Next Time....

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