Friday, November 21, 2014

Apoc Luck Picture Bat Rep Part 1

I visited a friend of mine last weekend and was able to play in a huge Apocalypse game.

His blog has more coverage of the event here:

He has put up a part 1 and so I am sure part 2 will be coming soon.

This was my first time playing with this group of people and I was a little bit nervous.  The group I usually play with I understand what type of game they want to play what is and is not acceptable as far as army organization or painting.

I wanted to make sure I could use my Finest Hour and the three formations I brought.

So with new people I wasn't sure how the day would go.

Turned out it was a great time, everyone was excellent and besides my initial shock and dread of having an Eldar Revenant AND Phantom titan sitting right across from my primary force, it was still great fun.

My coverage here will be primarily picture based, because there are so many pictures and things happening I don't want to type a bunch of stuff.

Without further ado, here we go:




Some scouts are infiltrating right next an objective.

Let the game Begin:

Next time we will have the exciting conclusion.....

Go to Part 2:


  1. With the combined shooting of me and the orks, on turn 1 we got it down to 1 hull point. The guy playing him then decided to just sacrifice him by charging him into the orks, who then krumped him in hth.