Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Big Game 2015 Army and Battlefield Pictures

This past weekend my gaming group held their annual Big Game.

We call it a 'Big Game' and not an Apocalypse Game because there is a lot more planning involved than an Apocalypse Game.

We rent out a hotel ball room and we stay at the hotel for the weekend.  On Friday is set up and open play and Saturday around 10am is when things get started.

This past weekend we gamed until about midnight so the game ended up being about 14 hours long.

We were able to get in 7 full turns which is pretty good considering there were 20 people playing each with between 5000 and 7000 points.

The scenario this year was based around the Siege of Torn Martyr.  An Imperial fortress was besieged by the forces of Chaos who were intent on stealing the Marines Errant's Gene Seed which was contained within the Fortress.

Below are some pictures of the table layout:

The Iron Warriors, The Pathosis Uprising and the Chaos Forces of Lord Dwayne Slacker were assaulting the fortress.

The Marines Errant were inside defending the fortress and outside there was a force of Space Marines and Imperial Guard holding off Chaos Marines and Eldar.

Further down the table were Two armies of Blood Angels, a Flesh Tearers airborne force and 2 Imperial Guard Armies fighting to control the city and break through a combined force of Tyranids, Necrons and Word Bearers to reach the fortress and relieve it.

In the middle of the battle 4 Ork armies burst up into the fortress from underground.

Here are the pics of the armies:

Next time I will post pictures of the deployment and the battle itself.

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