Thursday, March 5, 2015

More Big Game 2015 Pictures

Here are some more pictures.

We started the game with everyone having only 1000 points.  Everyone also had a 'totem' which was a mobile table edge where models enter from reserves like how the old Dark Eldar Webway portal operated.

Each turn each player could bring on 1000 points from reserve.

As you can see below things got big fast!

Lord Slacker's Chaos Mauler Fiends were the first through the wall on turn 1.

My Iron Warriors were the second army through the wall on Turn 2.

The Chaos Guard Army using Imperial Armour 13 rules broke through the wall on turn 2 as well.

Turn 3 heralded the arrival of the Orks, they apparently burrowed up from underground.

They made two huge holes and 4 Ork armies came roaring out.

Next time there will be even more pictures as the battle really heats up!

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