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False Hope Campaign - Apostles of Contagion Vs Orks

Prologue -

On the planet of False Hope a massive siege just took place.

The Marines Errant were holding a vast fortress containing valuable Space Marine Geneseed.  The Iron Warriors led the assault to take down the fortress and capture the Geenseed for their own uses.

The Iron Warriors struck at dawn, destroyed an entire wing of the fortress and stole the valuable material from the Marines Errant, but only just.

While the siege was going on, however, another player was entering the theater.  A massive ork Waaagh had been building and right before the Iron Warriors had their hands on the Geneseed, two massive holes opened up in the earth and thousands of greenskins emerged within the fortress.

With the Marines Errant now surrounded by the forces of Chaos and the Orks, they stood little chance.  Very few loyal Space Marines escaped that day.

The Orks and the forces of Chaos weren't working together.  As the Iron Warriors grabbed the Geneseed and fled, the Orks were hot on their heels ready for another fight.

The Iron Warriors had a strong rear guard and were able to escape with the Geneseed, but the Orks wouldn't simply let them go.  In hot pursuit the Warsmith of the Iron Warriors called upon an ally who owed him to help slow down or possibly stop the Orks altogether.

Necrosius was that ally.  Necrosius' Apostles Of Contagion were joined by a detachment of the Iron Warriors' human traitor guard soldiers to fight the oncoming Ork Horde.

What came next was a bloody brutal fight...


 Orks Deployment

 Chaos Deployment

Whole Battlefield

The game was 2000 points. I took two 'The Purge' Detachments from the Siege Of Vraks forgeworld book.  The Purge Detachment is a Battle-Forged Detachment. It has a compulsory 1 HQ and 2 Elites.
It is available for both Codex Chaos Space Marines and the Traitors and Renegades list in Siege of Vraks.  It also allows your flamers and missile launchers to shoot chemical rounds which gives you shred but also gets hot.  The Detachment also allows 4 heavy support and more Elites and Troops and your barrage weapon templates stay on the board into your opponents turn.  The templates count as dangerous terrain.

The 2 major drawbacks of the Detachment is you do not have objective secured and you do not have access to any fast attack units.

The Campaign mission was fought on the planet False Hope the two squares being B20 and B21.

The first primary detachment:

Necrosius (Warlord)

6 Plague Marines in a Rhino

7 Plague Marines in a Rhino

The second detachment:

Traitor Company Command Squad

10 Disciples in a Chimera

10 Disciples in a Chimera

5 Disciples with Missile Launchers

5 Disciples with Missile Launchers

Infantry Command Squad with Krak grenades and a flamer
Infantry Squad with Krak grenades and a flamer
Infantry Squad with Krak grenades and a flamer
Infantry Squad with Krak grenades and a flamer

21 Plague Zombies

21 Plague Zombies

Heavy Support
3 Mortars

3 Mortars

2 Basilisks

Leman Russ

The Mission:
We played the City Fight Mission: Sniper's Alley.  It is from a White Dwarf.  It uses the City Fight Strategem cards which I printed out and taped onto regular playing cards.

The mission called for the two armies to deploy on their short board edges and only have an 18" deployment zone.  We decided to make it a 24" deployment zone instead, which is the standard size.

He deployed first and I siezed the initiative.

I deployed attempting to limit where he could arrive via outflank because he had three twin-linked rokkit buggies outflanking.
I put a lot of guardsmen on my right flank right on the board edge so he couldn't come on and right away frag my 2 Basilisks.

I tried to take advantage of having the first turn by moving up to intercept his battlewagon with a squad of Plague Marines with Meltaguns.

 Zombies and Rhinos Advance

The Zombies also moved forward an the rest of my army stayed put.  My Basilisks and mortars opened up killing some big gun crew and a few orks.

A Devastating Barrage

After my somewhat lackluster first turn, his nobs jump out from his battlewagon led by his warboss and assault a squad of guard, utterly annihilating them.

There used to be 10 guardsmen there.

My next turn I move to counter his assault by positioning Necrosius, two squads of Plague Marines, the zombies and another guard squad to block his movement and fire on them.

Necrosius unleashes Wasting Disease on the Warboss.

I also dropped mortars on the Orks, but to no avail.

The Warboss doesn't seem pleased.

He is able to assault a unit of Plague Zombies in his next turn.  

Mmm Ork brainz

Unable to stop the Warboss, he charges into my Plague Marines.  Using their Blight Grenades they slow down the orks and survive a round.

I then reposition my forces to get a better shot on the Nobs squad behind the Meganobs.

His warbuggies hadn't shown up yet, so I still needed to protect my weak right flank, otherwise I would have moved those guardsmen along the table edge.

In my turn again I drop down a nasty barrage into his Killer Kans and destroy several of them.
An ongoing battle with a squad of 10 ork boys and zombies continue as well.

The Warbuggies finally show up and on my left flank instead of my right.  The blow open a Chimera, but do little else.

The Orks Nobz and warboss finally take out the Plague Marines and consolidate back into the ruins.

I fire everything I have at the Nobs and they remain standing.  The only thing left to do is charge in with zombies.

Now that the warbuggies have arrived I can move my guardsmen on my right flank into the fight.

The Zombies killed all of the orks they had been fighting.

One squad of traitor guard charges into a killer kan and plants a Krak grenade on it, taking off a hull point!

.Necrosius moves around the large ruin to attempt to block off the rampaging warboss.  He leaves the Disciple squad to handle the one remaining warbuggy.

Unfortunately it was too little too late.  The Orks had succeeded in capturing more ojbectives than Necrosius' forces and the battle ended with an Ork victory.

Epilogue - 

Necrosius had ceded too much to the Orks this day.  He had let them capture a large portion of the city.  His delaying tactics were a bit on the conservative side but did allow the main Iron Warrior force to escape the Ork advance, for now.

The overwhelming firepower of the basilisks showed a sign of things to come, however.  The big guns of the Iron Warriors were still on False Hope and there were other battles to be fought.  

Until next time...

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