Monday, June 15, 2015

Night Lords and Iron Warriors VS Orks! False Hope Campaign Game

Prologue - 
The Orks had beaten Necrosius and his traitor guard.  The Iron Warrior's Warpsmith was not happy. He had been tasked to stop the Ork advance by Lord Boroth and not wanting to fully commit his forces had sent Necrosius to do so.

Necrosius had failed.

The majority of his forces were pushing into the Imperial territory on False Hope and so he could only commit a small force to fight the greenskins.  He called upon another ally to aid him, the Night Lords.

Mission - 

Maelstrom Of War.  1500 points per person, 3000 points per side.  Vanguard Strike Deployment.
Joe - Orks, Bob - Orks, Seti - Night Lords, Myself - Iron Warriors

Campaign Info - 

We were fighting on False Hope.  The hexes we were fighting over were B21 (Orks) and B14 (Chaos).

Deployment Maps - 

The Ork Deployment 

Chaos Deployment

The left flank of the Chaos forces moves forward and almost immediately the Raptors are shot to pieces by the usually poor ork shooting.

This would not bode well for the forces of Chaos this day.

While the Raptors may have been weakened the remainder of the Chaos flank would continue to advance and threaten the Orks while the right side of the Chaos forces would shoot at the Ork line to little effect.

In the center a Night Lords rhino is able to disembark and open fire into the middle of the Ork lines.

The advance on the left flank is bolstered by a Hell Blade fighter.

The left flank attack opens fire on the Orks, killing many of them.

In the center, the depleted Raptors join their brethren in attacking the center of the Ork line.

The Ork flank collapses and the combined Chaos forces move in, trying to push their advantage.

In the center of the table the Iron Warriors Predator is stunned and needs to use its smoke launchers for a turn to repair.  An Iron Warriors' rhino also moves to threaten the newly reformed Ork line.

The Night Lords Chaos Lord and terminator retinue deep strike into a ruins right next to a squad of Ork Big Guns.  Unfortunately they were Kustom Kannons and combined with the Flash Gits in the nearby Battle Wagon, they blew the Terminators apart not leaving a single survivor.

A brave Night Lord Tactical Squad assaults a large mob of Boys while the Iron Warriors cautiously advance, preparing to eliminate the remaining Orks in a close range fire fight.

The Night Lords squad bravely fights and dies and the Iron Warriors prepare to strike.

There would be no survivors from that Ork squad when the guns stopped.

The Orks were beginning to thin out but so were the Night Lords.  There wasn't much left of the original forces, however the Ork Big Guns and Battle Wagon were still a massive threat.

The Iron Warriors Dreadnought successfully charges the Big Guns.  The Obliterators move down the street and the Rhinos would move into the Ork Deployment zone scoring some last minute victory points.

The Dreadnought would end the game in close combat.

At the end of the game while the Orks were reeling from the surprise attack on their left flank by the Night Lords and the guns of the Iron Warriors, it wasn't enough to win the scenario.

End Result - 

Orks - 15 victory points
Chaos - 13 victory points

Ork Victory 

Epilogue - 

The Warpsmith had been defeated twice in as many battles and his superiors were not happy.  He quickly had to leave the immediate area and rejoin his main force.

The wrath of Lord Boroth can be swift and ruthless.  He had to quickly win a battle were he to keep his head, and he knew it.

Fleeing north to regroup, he joined up with his main force to fight an enemy he knew very well.

Until next time...

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  1. Ouch- a whole squad of terminators in one turn? That Warpsmith will indeed be lucky to keep his head after the staff meeting with Boroth.