Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Heresy Era Iron Warriors Part 2

This past weekend was Gen Con and of course I had to go and buy a bunch of stuff for my 30k IW.

There is a fantastic booth there every year run by the Toledo Game Room.  We call him the Bits Guy.

He has plastic bins full of minis from all of the GW miniature ranges including Necromunda and Inquisitor.

Its always great to shop there because you can usually find exactly what you need.

This year was no exception.

Here is what I found:

 A fantastic old Rhino.  Its  missing a door and an exhaust pipe, 
but I am pretty sure I have both of those in my bits box.

 Tons of old arms, backpacks, guns, grenades and some new 
stuff too including combi-weapons.

 Originally I wasn't going to use the old beaky marines from the Rogue Trader Era 
but I've since changed my mind.  Look at these guys!  I got a whole tactical squad!

 Here are some other old marines I got from him.  It took awhile to figure 
out what guns the guys with the Needle Guns had, but looking through my Rogue 
Trader book confirmed it.

I also picked up all of these old Lascannons and Missile Launchers.  Now I can 
make a Heavy Weapon Squad, or in the case of the Iron Warriors, an Iron Havoc Squad!

Since Forgeworld had a booth at Gen Con I couldn't help but buy stuff from them as well.  Since they didn't have them in stock I ordered 30 Mk4 Iron Warrior shoulder pads and 10 Mk3 shoulder pads.  

I also bought a Contemptor power fist because the one I bought used came 
with 2 multimeltas, which I feel is not a very useful weapon set up. 

I also bought Perturabo!!!

I can't wait to assemble and paint him!  Right now I have the marines and the Rhino soaking so I can strip off the paint.  I also have some more photos to share of work I've done building a Praetor and a 20-man marine squad.

I am enjoying 30k right now and I hope I can inspire others to get into it as well.

I can be somewhat affordable if you don't go the full Forgeworld route and are content to purchase old used models and put some work into them.

See you next time!

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