Sunday, July 26, 2015

False Hope Campaign - Iron Warriors Vs Orks

Prologue - 

The Ork Warboss Orkamungus suffered grievous wounds and has been out of the action for several weeks.  However, his dream of conquering the planet of False Hope continues with his minions.

Part of his dream is to acquire all of the tires on False Hope and create one massive tire pile and light it on fire.  To this end, his minions have continued collecting tires.

Since they have to go through a crossroads to bring them to his camp, the Orks have exposed their supply chain to attack.

Sensing an opportunity, the Iron Warriors Warpsmith strikes.

Campaign and mission details  -

The armies were 2500 points.

The mission was Maelstrom Cleanse and Control and the deployment was Vanguard Strike.

We were fighting on False Hope B21 (Orks) and B28 (Chaos).

Battle Report - 

 The Deployment

The Iron Warriors struck first at Dawn.  We played Night Fight for turn one and the Orks didn't sieze the initiative allowing the Iron Warriors to move and shoot first.  The Land Raider and Predator both use their smoke launchers.

The Vindicator Predator and marine squad all open up on the large Shoota Boyz squad providing cover for the Lootaz.

One the Orks turn 1 not much happened other than their Battle wagon moving up into the middle of the battlefield.

Both Dreadclaw Assault pods landed for the Iron Warriors.  The blue pod dropped right next to the Battlewagon and the marine squad inside jumped out and promptly blew it to smithereens with two melta guns.

The other Dreadclaw mishapped and was placed at the corner of the board.  The next turn it would fly off the board and attempt to deepstrike again.

The terminators had disembarked and prepared to charge.

Meanwhile on the left flank of the Iron Warriors, the Orks get shot up by the Predator and the Ogryn Berzerkers (Khorne Spawn) prepare to charge.

On the right flank of the Iron Warriors the Vindicator, Predator and Marine squad fire again, eliminating the Ork Shoota Boyz squad and getting first blood for their trouble.

The Ogryn Berzerkers charge right onto and over the top of the Semi truck and kill only a few Orks.

The terminators valiantly charge into the Ork Nobs led by Grotsnick, but none survive.

The Iron Warriors realize the large Nobz Squad must be stopped before it rips through their lines.  3 Squad disembark and fire alongside another squad and a land raider at the Nobz Squad.

A number of Nobz die, but Grotsnick lives.

On the left flank, the Orks finish off the Ogryn Berzerkers.

The Orks fire on the Predator and destroy it but only after committing both Lootaz squads to do so.

The Iron Warriors finish off Grotsnick and his remaining Nobz, but at what cost?

At this point in the battle points are sorely needed by both sides.  The Iron Warriors are up by a few points but the final turn would prove decisive.

The Iron Warriors move to stop their left flank from collapsing.

A squad of marines rush to make to the Orks' deployment zone for linebreaker but get blown away.

The other Dreadclaw lands and drops off a Dreadnought to try and grab objective 1 but it is unable to grab it.

The game ends after turn 5.

Final Score - 

Orks - 11

Iron Warriors - 8

Epilogue - 

The Warpsmith tried to stop the shipment of tires to Mungus but the Gods of Chaos weren't smiling down on him.

Lord Boroth wasn't pleased.  He had used the Warpsmith to great effect in the past but now on False Hope he had failed many times.

The Warpsmith received a communique that evening from Lord Boroth,

"You will return immediately to my command ship for censure."

The next battle may be the largest fought in quite some time.  Lord Boroth is anxious and decides from here on out, he will lead the Iron Warrior forces on False Hope.

The next battle report will be something special straight from Gen Con!