Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Heresy Era Iron Warriors

I decided about a year ago to embark on a new adventure.  I will be creating a 30k or 'Heresy Era' Iron Warriors army.

Initially I was not sure which legion or faction to do.  I considered Alpha Legion because i have always found them fascinating and also considered Mechanicum because I have always loved their background.  I have decided I will have some Mechanicum forces simply because they and the Iron Warriors go hand-in-hand.

I finally settled on Iron Warriors because I already have a sizable 40k IW force and the possibility of fielding Perturabo, the IW Primarch on the table was just too much of a temptation.

Last summer my fiance also decided she was going to make a Heresy Era Emperor's Children army and another friend of mine who runs the Eye Of Isha blog has begun work on a Night Lords army so this interest along with a few others in my gaming group showing interest, has given me more impetus to get this project going.

Of course since Perturabo has now been released by Forgeworld my creative juices are really flowing!

Over the past year I have been collecting miniatures to put into my army.  My army will mostly consist of non-Forgeworld components.  I want to use a mix of current GW plastic with old GW plastic and metal.

I have currently collected the following:

- an old Metal and Plastic Whirlwind

- an old Mk I Land Raider which I will use as a Land Raider Proteus

- an old Mk I Rhino

- a second-Ed metal and plastic Vindicator

- an old Mk I Predator

- A Contemptor Dreadnought from Forgeworld

- 4 Plastic Dreadnoughts

- 30 or 40 various plastic marines from old Rogue Trader-Era Beakies to new Sternguard plastics

- Narik Dreygur, the Consul-Praevian Forgeworld event-only mini

- Archmagos Draykavac of the Mechanicum

- Forgeworld event-only Navigator miniature

- 4 Autocannon-wielding Mk 3 Armour resin Space Marines from Forgeworld

- 3 Plastic 3rd Edition-era Land Speeders

- the 2 red Forgeworld Horus Heresy rule books

My plans for new purchases:

- Buy Perturabo

- I want a second Narik Dreygur so I can convert one of them into a Praetor.

- 4 packs of various Iron Warrior shoulder pads from Forgeworld

- Buy Horus Heresy book 3 from Forgeworld because it has Relics for the Iron Warriors as well as the Mechanicum Taghmata Army list and scenarios.

- Buy Horus Heresy book 5 from Forgeworld because it has Imperial Cults army list.  I would like to have a human army possibly to go along with my Iron Warriors and Mechanicum.

- Buy at least one more Mk I Predator so I can field a Squadron

- Buy at least one more Mk I Land Raider or a current plastic Land Raider to rep a 'Phobos' pattern

- Buy a Shadowsword to use as Perturabo's special transport (its part of his special rules)

- Buy a Typhon heavy siege tank

- Buy some different arm options for the Contemptor Dreadnought.  ( I bought it used and it came with 2 multi-meltas, which is not really an ideal loadout.)

Coming up in less than a month is Gen Con and Forgeworld will be there.  I would like to buy a lot of the items listed above at Gen Con but money is a serious issue this year so I will probably end up just getting Perturabo and some shoulder pads.

I will continue to update this blog with my progress into 30k.

Until next time....

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