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False Hope Campaign - Iron Warriors, Night Lords and Noise Marines Vs Space Marines and Sisters of Battle

Prologue - 

As the Warpsmith continues his fight against the Imperials to the south, Sorceror Melkor is investigating a rumor to the north.

A Night Lords scouting party had spotted what they believed to be a Cerastus Knight along with a company of Sisters of Battle taking up position on a river crossing to defend one of the entrances to one of the largest cities on False hope.

Melkor has been tasked by Lord Boroth to see if these rumors are true.  If a Knight Household along with a whole company of Sisters has arrived on False hope, than perhaps a full scale assault by the Might of the Iron Warriors' Grand Company will be required.

Lord Boroth send Melkor to find out the truth of things.

Campaign Info -

On the Planet of False Hope the Imperial held hex B4 is being assaulted by Chaos from hex B9.

The mission is Maelstrom.  Each side has one deck of cards and you start with 4 cards and draw up to 4 cards each turn.

4,500 points per side.

Battle Report - 

 The Deployment as seen from the Chaos side.

 AJ was able to use his Cerastus Knight for the first time.

Turn one the Imperials go first.  After infiltrating Scouts, a drop pod of the Dragon Lords Space Marine Chapter descends from the heavens and lands right in front of a Lesser Brass Scorpion (the rules being used were for a Decimator).

The Sisters of Battle begin their advance towards the Chaos Marines through the forest just outside of town.

Tigerius casts Prescience and Perfect timing twin-linking and making the weapons of the Centurions ignore cover.

The Centurions then proceed to eliminate the vast majority of the Noise Marine squad in the building.

The Blue Scribes, which is hanging out with a unit of Pink Horrrors inside a ruins summons a squad of Fleshhounds.  The Lesser Brass Scorpion moves to assault the drop pod.

The Brass Scorpion is unsuccessful in destroying the drop pod and the hounds get charged by the Imperial Knight.

Two Sisters of Battle Dominion Squads loaded up with 4 Melta guns in Immolaters with twin-linked Multi-meltas arrive from outflank and proceed to eliminate two Iron Warriors Rhinos, forcing the Iron Warriors to respond.

A Chaos Heldrake flies on and roasts some Space Marines hiding in the ruins next to the drop pod.

The Imperial Knight gets stuck in combat with the flesh hounds for another turn and a Blood Thirster is summoned in the ruins.

Meanwhile in the forest outside of the city, three Obliterators teleport in behind an Exorcist hoping to eliminate it with melta.  The gods of Chaos were not kind on this day and they failed to do much to the Sisters of Battle tank.

After killing a dominion squad and one of the Immolators, Saint Celestine and a squad of Seraphim deepstrike in to wreck more havoc behind the Chaos lines.

A squad of Landspeeders also arrive from reserve and shoot the Obliterators off the table.

The Cerastus Knight assault the Blood Thirster and they duel it out inside the ruins.

A Squad of Night Lords moves to attack a lone Sisters Of Battle unit out on a flank.

In the center of the battle right on top of the main bridge, a Dreadclaw assault pod arrives.

 The Cerastus Knight finishes off the Blood Thirster after several rounds of mostly ineffective combat.

The Dreadclaw assault pod is destroyed and everyone is killed save for the Chaos Lord Neil.

The battle is looking bleak, but there is one hope for the forces of Chaos.

Sorceror Melkor plays one final gambit to try and wrestle victory from the jaws of defeat.

He charges into combat with Saint Celestine and challengers her to a duel to the death.

He has been seriously wounded but hopes his Mark of Tzeentch will protect him from the Sait's deadly sword.

She swings and wounds him once, but it is enough.  The blade penetrates a weak spot in his armour and he slumps to the ground.

The Imperials have won this fight. 14 to 6 is the final tally.

Epilogue - 

After being hauled from the battlefield by a few Iron Warriors marines, Melkor eventually recovers from his wounds and swears vengeance against Saint Celestine.

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