Friday, November 20, 2015

Horus Heresy Battle Report: Iron Warriors Vs Salamanders Part 2

Now for the exciting conclusion...

Perturabo and one lone Iron Warrior finally clear the rest of the Salamanders squad and their Praetor off the map.  The loss of the Praetor gives the Iron Warriors a second victory point.  The first being from killing the two drop pods in turn one.

Now the Salamanders move in to counter attack and they hope that they can get the better of a Primarch this day.

On the Iron Warriors' left flank the Salamanders make their big push.  They need to capture the lone objective in the Iron Warriors' deployment zone since it is worth 5 points and they are already down 2 points.

The Salamanders elite terminator squad the FireDrakes launch an assault against Perturabo.

The attack bikes, after firing into the Iron Warrior tactical squad charge into the marines.

After one round of combat, Perturabo had killed their Sargent and they had done one wound to the Primarch.

As the tactical squad and attack bike remain locked in combat, the Warsmith and his terminators advance, ready to charge in if necessary.

After another round of combat Perturabo is reduced to 2 wounds but has now killed 2 more Fire Drakes.

The Salamanders Tactical Support squad advances in their rhino, they disembark and unleash a volley of melta gun shots at the Warsmith and his squad.  They fell two terminators but the Iron Warriors stand strong unfazed by the hail of fire.

The battle is ended.  Neither side has an objective, but the Iron Warriors win the day.

Perturabo is still standing facing off against the Fire Drakes.  Their 3+ invulnerable is incredibly powerful against a primarch who only has 4 attacks base.

The Iron Warriors killed two units on turn one to gain 1 victory points, they killed the enemy warlord for another victory point and also ended up destroying more units than the Salamanders did earning them one additional victory point.

The final tally:
IW - 3 points
Salamanders - 0

This was a very interesting battle.  The deployment zone is unique and hasn't been seen since the Spearhead expansion in 5th edition.  The mission is one that has very difficult to accomplish primary objectives so it encourages castling and protecting your assets especially in my case where I was heavily out numbered.

There were two combats that lasted forever and it shows that in 30k a lotof combats will grind to a halt if the units are very tough or just not suited to close combat.  Tar-pitting can be a very effective tactic in 30k because everyone is playing marines for the most part.

Next time I will show some new pics of my in progress 30k Iron Warriors.  I will also talk about the new Horus Heresy Betrayal at Calth box set.

Until then,

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  1. Epic battle of the Primarch vs. the Terminators. Excellent stuff.