Thursday, December 10, 2015

Horus Heresy Army List for the Big Game

The Big Game is coming up in February and that means its time to finalize my army list.

Not every year do I make a brand new army from scratch but this year I have decided to go all-in with a new army.  I am building a 30k Iron Warriors army.

Now it may seem odd to those who have known me for awhile, only because I already have a 40k Iron Warrior army, but I have been upset with GW ever since the old 3.5 ed Chaos Codex was replaced with the lousy 4th ed codex so when Forgeworld started the Horus Heresy series I was excited.

I finally have rules for the Iron Warriors again, and I am going to use them.

Without further ado, here is the army list that I am basing my Big Game army around:

Lord Of War -

Perturabo with Forgebreaker
in The Tormentor Shadowsword
990 points

Forgebreaker is Ferrus Manus' hammer which is given to Perturabo after Manus' death.  Perturabo has modified the hammer, giving it the unwieldy, blind and concussive special rules.
The Tormentor is Perturabo's personal transport; a modified Shadowsword.  It has a void shield and a transport capacity of 15.  It is a dedicated transport for Perturabo and doesn't take up an extra LOW slot.

Headquarters - 

Praetor with Warsmith upgrade, servo arm, master-crafted Paragon Blade, plasma pistol, meltabombs, iron halo, digital lasers
235 points

Master of Signal with artificer armour, refractor field, meltabombs
120 points

Siege Breaker with artificer armour, refractor field, 3 phosphex bombs, meltabombs, thunderhammer.
175 points

Legion Command Squad
3 Chosen Cataphracti Terminators 2 with chainfists, 1 powerfist
1 Standard Bearer with combi-melta and powerfist
in Landraider Phobos with Armored Ceramite and Auxiliary Drive
497 points

The Warsmith model is a conversion from the Forgeworld special event Legion Praevian model.  In 30k, digital lasers give you +1 attack, so this Warsmith has 7 attacks on the charge.
The Master of Signal model is based off of the old metal Iron Warriors models.  Master of Signal allows one artillery strike a game.  He also gives +1 BS to any squad he joins.  He will be with the Iron Havocs.
The Siege Breaker is a conversion of the Chaplain model from the Betrayal at Calth boxset.  He gives Medusas Phosphex shells.
The Legion Command Squad is using the Terminator models from the Betrayal at Calth boxset. It is the first way for me to get additional vehicles into one fore organization chart.

Elites - 

Legion Destroyer Squad
9 Destroyers 2 with hand flamers all with meltabombs
1 sargent with power sword, artificer armour and 3 phosphex bombs
in Landraider Proteus with armoured ceramite, auxiliary drive and twin-linked heavy bolter
605 points

Apothecarion detachment
2 Apothecaries with augury scanners, combi-weapons, power swords and artificer armour
160 points

Legion Dreadnought Talon
2 Legion Dreadnoughts each with a twin-linked Lascannon
300 points

Contemptor Dreadnought Talon
1 Contemptor with Kheres assault cannon
1 Contemptor with multimelta
365 point

The Destroyers are a squad that allows me another vehicle just like the command squad, plus I've always wanted to run a squad with hand flamers even if they are underwhelming.
The Apothecaries will be attached to two 20-man tactical squads.

Troops - 

Legion Tactical Squad A
19 marines with one Legion Vexilla
1 sargent with powerfist, artificer armour, meltabombs
290 points

Legion Tactical Squad B
19 marines with one Legion Vexilla
1 sargent with powersword, artificer armour, meltabombs
285 points

Legion Tactical Squad C
9 marines
1 sargent with powerfist
in Rhino with havoc missile launcher
215 points

Legion Tactical Squad D
9 marines
1 sargent with powerfist
in Rhino with havoc missile launcher
215 points

Legion Tactical Support Squad
5 marines with 5 plasmaguns
1 sargent with augury scanner, power sword meltabombs
in rhino with havoc launcher
180 points

I am a little light on troops but at the moment this is all I have.  I would need to buy more marines to expand my troops, which I may do at some point but probably not before the Big Game.

Fast Attack - 

Legion Seeker Squad
5 Seekers with 5 combi-plasma guns and one nuncio-vox
1 strike leader with meltabombs and artificer armour
in Land Raider Proteus with armoured ceramite auxiliary drive and twin-linked heavy bolter
515 points

Legion Landspeeder Squadron
2 Land Speeders with 2 heavy bolters each
130 points

The seeker squad also provides a Land Raider as an additional tank.  The two Land Raider Proteus' are actually the old plastic original land raider models.  I was able to acquire them several years ago second hand for cheap.

Heavy Support - 

Legion Artillery Tank Squadron
2 Legion Basilisks
280 points

Legion Artillery Tank Squadron
2 Legion Medusas
310 points

Legion Vindicator with dozer blade armoured ceramite and auxiliary drive
155 points

Iron Havoc Support Squad
5 Iron Havocs with 5 lascannons
1 Sargent with lascannon, augury Scanner and meltabombs
310 points

The Iron Havoc squad uses the old metal shoulder-mounted lascannons from second edition, which look almost identical to the new forgeworld resin lascannons.

Fortifications - 

Firestorm Redoubt with Magos Machine Spirit, 3 Tangle Wires, , 5 tank traps, escape hatch, void shield
370 points

The Iron Havocs will deploy inside the Firestorm Redoubt along with the Master of Signal.  The Master of Signal will give them +1 BS.

So this is the list I made and now I simply need to finish building the Siegemaster, the two apothecaries and then paint everything.

I will be posting my progress here, until then...

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  1. That looks like a very cool list. I love your use of Consuls. You and I will both be unleashing brand new armies this big game.. I can't wait to see yours.