Tuesday, April 19, 2016

D-Company 2016 Campaign Battle Report #1: Orks Vs Iron Warriors

After the events at the industrial plant on DORIC-ar1 where the Iron Warriors were repelled by a combined force of Blood Angels and Necrons, the Iron Warriors decide to go investigate the rumors of an Ork Warboss eschewing some of his normal instincts.

This Ork Warboss is, instead of going on the offensive, he is building defences. He is building a trench system.

The Warsmith Martok takes a small scouting force to discern what exactly is going on with these Orks.

IW Army List:

Warsmith Martok - Servo Arm, master-crafted paragon blade, melta bombs, iron halo, digital lasers, plasma pistol
Rite Of War: Pride of the Legion

Contemptor with multimelta and heavy flamer

6 veterans, plasmagun, legion vexilla
1 sargent, artificer armour, power sword
in rhino

4 Terminators 2 chainfists, 2 powerfists
1 Sargent grenade harness

Heavy Support:

1000 points

On the outskirts of a small town, the Orks have indeed been building a trench system. 

 A trench system that is currently being manned by Grots.

Warsmith Martok is offended by these greenskins pitiful attempts to build fortifications.  He wears a large frown on his face for most of this engagement.

The Iron Warriors' Vindicator peeks out from behind a building and fires into the trench works.

Some of the Orks choose to cower in the ruined building, while some of the larger ones begin to move out towards the trenches.

 Suddenly, a Warphead zaps into existence right in front of the Vindicator.

The Iron Warriors are not amused and proceed to pummel him into dust with their firepower.

The Orks fire their Shokk Attak Gun at the Iron Warrior Terminators.  Ork technology isn't known for its reliability and instead of it hitting the Terminators it is placed in the trench system.  It hits two squads and two of the Iron Warriors squads are warped forwards.  

The Terminators end up in the trenches and the Veteran Tactical squad scatters from the trenches into the open in front of them.

The Terminators proceed to charge into the Grots holding the trenches.  The believe this should be an easy fight.

They are wrong.  Two Terminators fall to the Grots.  The Terminators fall back out of the trench system.

Another Terminator is shot down by Grot firepower. 

This trench system is proving harder to capture than the Warsmith had originally thought.  He orders his men to redouble their efforts.  The Contemptor and the veteran squad moves forward.  The Vindicator opens up.  

This time the Iron Warriors do not fail when they charge.

The trench system is theirs.

Warsmith Martok is pleased with the result this time.  Perturabo will be happy to know that there is a new enemy on DORIC-ar1 that enjoys building and manning fortifications as much as the Iron Warriors.

This was two weeks ago,.  We had a good game and tonight we will have another larger game.  I believe there will be more trenches this time as well.

See you next time....

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