Thursday, April 28, 2016

D-Company 2016 Campaign Battle Report #2: Orks Vs Iron Warriors

The initial attack went so well that the Warsmith Martok continued to push the Orks back.  Adding in additional units to reinforce his army, Martok decides to continue to force the attack against the Greenskins.

A second line of trenches is soon discovered and the mission is set.   The Iron Warriors must capture the second line of trenches and hold the first line to prevent the two lines from linking up and presenting a more solid front.

Immediately the Iron Warriors begin their assault.  The rhinos, the vindicator, the contemptor and the terminators move forward while the Medusa fires into the trenches.

The large Ork Mob on the right flank continues to advance, mostly out of sight of the Iron Warriors.  Warsmith Martok knew he had to do something to stop them.

Shifting the rhinos to move closer to the Ork mob, Martok believes he has the advantage.

The Ork Warphead teleports himself into the trench and the Terminators open fire.  The trench however proves to be effective cover and the large Ork doesn't take any wounds.

The Orks begin firing on the Iron Warrior vehicles, destroying the Rhino that was transporting the Iron Warrior Destroyer squad.  They are un fazed by the explosion and prepare their weapons to unload into the large Ork Mob.

Martok's Rhino is wrecked and he and his veteran bodyguard must disembark.  He chooses to exit the wreckage on the side facing the trenches.  Martok knows that he must get into the trenches and slay as many orks as possible if he is going to accomplish this mission's objectives.

The Contemptor and Martok and his bodyguard move up ready to assault whilst the Destroyers, the Medusa and the Terminators open fire on the large Mob of boyz.

Martok, his squad and the Contemptor fail their charges into the trench and the Orks open fire, killing Martok's bodyguard.

The Grot squad then charges out of the trench system into Martok.

The Iron Warrior's Warsmith is made of sterner stuff, however, and dispatches and runs down the weedy Gretchin.

The Vindicator fires into the Warboss and his Nobs, killing them outright.  Only their charred remains are left lying just outside of the trenches.

Martok pushes his advantage into the trenches and charges into the Flash Gits.

The Destroyers throw a second Phosphex bomb into the large Ork Mob.

Warsmith Martok eliminates the Flash Gits before they can strike back and consolidates towards the Big Mek.  The Big Mek had fired into the Contemptor, immobilizing it.

The Ork Mob attempts to be sneaky and they make their way into the trenches.

Warsmith Martok kills the Big Mek in brutal hand to hand combat, slaying the beast of an Ork before he can slice the Iron Warrios in two with his klaws.

With the Vindicator, the Terminators and the Destroyers firing into the Ork Mob, the orks retreat out of line of sight of the marines.

The Orks advance again into the trenches, coming close to the Terminators.

Warsmith Martok braces for the Ork shooting.

With only one wound left, the Grot Blastas proved to be too much, Martok takes a mortal wound and collapses.

The Orks charge into the Destroyers.

With the Destroyers despatched, the Terminators charge into the Orks.

With Martok gone, the Vindicator tries for retaliation by firing into the Grots, the superior cover provided by the trenches, however, saves them from extinction.

The Ork Mob, mainly because of the Nob with the power klaw, kills the two Terminators.

The game has ended.  WIth only an immobilized contemptor dreadnought in the Ork trenches, and an Ork Mob in the Iron Warrior trenches, the Orks pull out the victory.

Martok will be back.  The next time the two forces meet he will be ready, new weapons are being called for from the Iron Warriors' reserves.

Unfortunately for the Astartes, the Orks will have had enough time to connect the two sections of trenches into one continuous trenchwork.  The Iron Warriors will continue to be on the offensive, they must at all costs charge into the teeth of the Ork firepower and eliminate them at close range.

The next encounter will be pivotal for both sides.

In several weeks we will play the next game and I will report it here.

This was a great game, and a nail-biter to the end.

The next game should be just as good.

Until then.....