Friday, June 17, 2016

D-Company 2016 Campaign Battle Report #3: Orks Vs Iron Warriors 2500 Points

The Iron Warriors, under Warsmith Martok could not take the trenches in their last battle, and because of his failure the Ork trench lines continue to expand.

Martok knew that he didn't have much time.  If the Orks were allowed to continue building their trench lines they would eventually create such an obstacle that even the Iron Warriors would have to reexamine their methods which would cost more time and lives than even the Primarch Perturabo would tolerate.

Martok had to strike at the Orks' means of production.  He had to take out their construction vehicles. He had to destroy their earth-movers and hole-diggers, their backhoes and bulldozers, and their big trukks and cranes.

At dawn he launched the attack, determined to wreak havoc and win the day.  Martok and his squad of Destroyers loaded into a Land Raider Proteus began their advance along with a force of 67 other Space Marines and their tanks, they would not be denied on this day.

Warsmith Martok's assault force.

The Veteran Tactical squad with a Heavy Flamer, a Flamer and sargent with a Heavy Chainsword and Combi-Flamer, were sent around the left flank to hit the Orks in the side.  They would arrive via Outflank.

The rest of the Iron Warrior forces would line up across from the trenches and the Orks behind them and bring the fight to the green-skins.

The Whirlwind is stationed behind an adobe outpost.

The Orks were encamped behind their trenches, in amongst their construction machines.  They were taken by surprise as the Iron Warriors launched their assault.

Moving up at a steady pace, the two large squads of tactical marines advance alongside the Vindicator and Land Raider.

The Orks begin moving into the trenches and they send trukks along their left flank to try and out maneuver the Iron Warriors.

The Killa Kans move into the trenches to counter the Iron Warriors' aggressive moves.

The Tank Bustas' take out their first tank, a Vindicator,  of the day to roaring approval from the Orks near them.

On the other side of the battlefield the Lootas' show exactly why they are so dangerous, easily destroying a Rhino and forcing the transported unit to advance on foot.

Warsmith Martok and his Destroyer bodyguard leap from the Land Raider Proteus' side hatch and fire a volley of bolt pistol shells, a hand flamer, and a phosphex bomb into the hapless Grots.  The phosphex scatters and lands on a Killa Kan's feet.

Warsmith Martok braces for impact as the Killa Kanscharge into him and his Destroyer squad.

After a desperate fight, Martok and several Destroyers survive.  One Kan has been destroyed by Martok who had successfully clamped a meltabomb to its leg destroying it in a rain of sparks.  Martok's Stubbornness allowed the Destroyers to remain in the fight.

Seeing their leader struggle against the Ork walkers, Sargent Aegeus positions his large tactical squad into position to charge into the Kans.

The flamer-equipped tactical support squad lines up their flamers for maximum carnage on an unsuspecting Tank-Busta boys squad.

The tactical support squad combined with the tactical squad's firepower eliminates the Ork presence in the trenches.

Contemptor Agamemnon charges into the crane and demolishes it with his power fist.

The Kans are charged by Aegeus' tactical squad and between his squad and Martok's squad, 3 more Kans are destroyed.

The Grots in the trenches are also charged by a tactical squad and wiped out.

An Ork Trukk comes barreling along the trench and slams into the rear of Agamemnon the Contemptor.  He takes a single Hull point off, turns around and crushes the Trukk with his fist.

The Orks aren't beaten yet, however.  They continue their advance, this time two large Ork Boy squads move into close combat range.

The Kans are finally dragged down, just in time for the large Ork squad to engage.

The trench combat is brutal and bloody, a type of warfare the Iron Warriors are accustomed to.  Led by their Stubborn commander, Martok, the Iron Warriors are unfazed by the Orks brutalness and attempt to best them.

In a strange twist of fate, the trenches rules combine with a deepstrike mishap to send the large tactical squad into ongoing reserves.  They arrive the following turn on the extreme right flank and head straight for the large mining bulldozer.

The Veteran Tactical squad charges into another Ork mining vehicle and destroys it with meltabombs.

The large tactical squad on the extreme right charges into the bulldozer and destroys it with Krak grenades.

The mission is accomplished.

With high casualties on both sides, but with only a handful of Orks remaining, Martok signals a victory for the Iron Warriors.  He has succeeded in destroying the majority of construction vehicles the Orks were utilizing to build their trenchworks.

The Orks have had a major set back in their plans.  They retreat and need to rebuild.

Martok is pleased.  After finally capturing a length of trench and damaging the Ork construction abilities, he will consolidate his forces and build on his advantage.

Digging in, Martok and his army prepare for the inevitable Ork counter-attack.  He believes in what his Primarch has taught him and he will not fail.  Iron Within, Iron Without.


  1. Awesome awesome awesome. Especially the bit where the Contemptor was rammed by a Trukk! Epic!

  2. Sounds like a fun game. Yea Chaos!!