Tuesday, August 16, 2016

D-Company 2016 Campaign Battle #4: Iron Warriors and Night Lords VS Orks and Eldar

Warsmith Martok received a communique from the Night Lords.

Sevatar sent through a coded message to Iron Warrior command requesting aid putting down an alliance between the Orks and the Eldar in an industrial district on the western side of the central continent on DORIC-ar1.

Martok decided that it would be in his best interest for future relations between the two Legions if he would go personally and assist in putting down the Xenos threat.

The Deployment

The Night Lords Raptors and a large contingent of Iron Warriors advance on their left flank towards the main thrust of the Orks.

The tires have been collected by the Ork Warboss Orkamungus for years.

On the right flank, the Iron Warriors tactical squad advances up a hill along with a Night Lords tactical squad.

An old, destroyed Chimera holds an objective.

The Night Lords' Sicaran Venator tank destroyer lives up to its name, firing on and destroying an Ork Battlewagon before it can leave its deployment zone.

The Land Raider lends fire support to the Sicaran.

The Night Lords use their Terror Assault to drop pod in behind enemy lines with to Terror Squads.

The Night Lords unleash hell behind enemy lines.

The Orks begin their advance with a Trukk taking the lead.  The Ork Lootas also begin firing their huge and strange guns at the Iron Warriors.

After the Night Lords' Terror Squads did their damage, the Eldar move in to kill off the Legionaires.

The Iron Warrior Tactical Squad rapid fires their bolters, destroying the Ork Trukk.  The bewildered Orks exit the Trukk only to then get promptly assaulted by the same Iron Warrior Squad.

The Iron Warriors' Rite of War, 'Hammer of Olympia' allows them to assault after rapid firing.

Combining fire from the Firestorm Redoubt's Lascannons, the Land Raider's Lascannons, and the Dreadnought's Lascannons, an Ork Trukk and its passengers are eliminated in one bright flash of Laser fire.

On the right flank, a large Iron Warrior Tactical Squad moves onto an Objective.

Meanwhile on the left flank, after another drop pod of the Night Lords lands and eliminates the Lootas in one hail of Bolter fire, the Eldar flyers zoom onto the battlefield unleashing hell.

A Night Lords Atramentar Terminator squad materializes out of thin air and attempt to take down the Wraith Knight.  It is none too pleased being shot at.

The Battlewagon driving up the Iron Warriors left flank explodes after the Sicaran Venator fires at it.  The rest of the Iron Warrior's battle line moves to form a semi-circle around the Orks that pile out of the Battlewagon.

The Night Lords' Lightning Strike Fighter also enters the battle and begins its pursuit of the Eldar flyers.

The huge Ork Nob squad from the destroyed Battlewagon charges the Sicaran and destroys it.

What the Orks fail to realize is that they have just stepped into a trap.  The Iron Warriors surround the Nobz squad and prepare to pepper them with fire from all angles.

The Iron Warriors converge on the Nobz and Orkamungus.

Orkamungus survives the massive amounts of shooting and charges Warsmith Martok.

The Iron Warriors led by Martok, who would eventually slay Orkamungus, then cleaned up the left flank of the battlefield and eliminated all but 2 Orks.  

Virtually no Orks remain.

While the Iron Warriors had been successful in eliminating the Ork threat, on the other side of the battle, the Night Lords had not been as lucky.

Most of the Night Lords are dead or wounded.

When the smoke had cleared the Iron Warriors and the Eldar were left.  Each force had performed well and Martok acknowledged the efficiency of the Xenos that day.  He would not bow to them but also would not stick around to see them engage his forces full-on.

The Ork-Eldar Xenos alliance had won the day, albeit with extreme casualties on both sides.

Martok would not forget this day and he would vow vengeance upon the Greenskin.

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  1. I think the final was 22 to 20 vps it was really close but the Eldar were too tough. You did nicely against the orks. If we were to rematch, I don't know what I would do to stop that Wraithknight. Maybe a support squad with meltas?