Thursday, May 25, 2017

Labor Days Revisited: A 40k and Horus Heresy 3,000pt Game Part 2

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And now Part 2....

Warsmith Martok had faced the Imperial Army before.  He knew how they operated.  He was not going to be intimidated by their artillery, masses of infantry and main battle tanks.

What he wasn't familiar with was the Landraider panted in red.  What does the "I" symbol on its hull respresent?  There were also rhinos with strange markings.  Martok prided himself on his knowledge of the Emperor's armies; what their marking represented, what their tactics were, where the weak points in their armor and strategies were.  But this was something new.  Something he hadn't seen before.

He realized at this point that perhaps something stranger than he originally thought was going on.

The right flank of the Iron Warriors advances. 

 The Contemptor levels his Heavy Conversion Beamer at the Basilisk across the field.

The basilisk is destroyed in a huge fireball leaving nothing but a smoking crater.

 The Astra Militarum advances.

The Astra Militarum, Sisters and Inquisition advances.

The Iron Warriors Tactical Squad annihilates a squad of Guardsmen.

A large tactical squad assaults a Devil Dog tank and destroys it.

Another tactical squad assaults another Devil Dog and it too is destroyed.

At this point in the game things are looking up for the Iron Warriors.

The tide begins to turn when the Sister's Dominion Squads begin to turn up.

The other squad outflanks to the opposite side.

The counter-offensive of the Imperials begins.

Both Medusas are destroyed by the Dominions.

The Contemptor Dreadnought has both arms blown off! 

The Iron Warriors are undeterred and continue their advance.  They fire up into the building. 

 This squad of Iron Warriors tacticals fires into a guard squad in the open.

The Central Iron Warrior Tactical squad lines up a charge against a guard squad. 

Warsmith Martok decides to personally take care of the Dominions. 

The battle ramps up! 

Outflanking Iron Warrior Veterans take the Guardsmen by surprise! 

Things are still looking up the Iron Warriors, they appear to be firmly in control.

Martok and his Destroyers eliminate the Dominions.

Martok voxes to his ship in orbit. "Soon we will have the supplies we need and these foolish Loyalists will be crushed."  

Master Ziggarauth warns Martok not to be too over confident.  "The Warsmith you took over for was over confident on Istvaan V and now he is dead."

"That was fighting against other Astartes.  Humans have never posed a threat to the Legions!  We will be victorious!"
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