Thursday, June 1, 2017

Labor Days Revisited: A 40k and Horus Heresy 3,000pt Game The Finale

A famous man once said, "Your overconfidence is your weakness."  That man could have been referring to Warsmith Martok.

Martok was viewing his moment of victory.  His marines were pushing back the loyalists in every area of the battle.  His marines had barely been touched by the enemy's weapons.  He had the majority of the objectives he had sought and would soon leave this pitiful planet and be on his way.

And this is when things turned.

Four loyalist units open fire and virtually eliminate the veterans. 

The ratling snipers were instrumental. 

Martok's Landraider is destroyed! 

 Martok takes a small measure of revenge and destroys the Immolator.

 The Iron Warriors try to push the advantage they had earned up until this point.

 A squad rounds a corner and eliminates a Guard squad.

 Cannoness Veridyan and Inquisitor Janeway jump out from behind the wrecked Land Raider.

A Sister's squad moves to stop the Iron Warrior's rhino. 

 A unit of Storm Troopers deep strike in and shoot up the Space Marines.

 After the majority of his squad is gunned down, the Iron Warrior's Sargent desperately 
fights back against the charging Guardsmen.

 Embroiled in two combat, the Iron Warrior's Tactical squads advances are stopped.

 Cannoness Veridyan and Inquisitor Janeway win the combat and the Tactical squad retreats.

 The Iron Warrior's Tactical squad opens fire on the Sisters, causing little damage.

 The loyalists fight back, opening fire with multiple squads.

 The once large Tactical squad in the middle of the battle is getting gunned 
down by Guard Storm Troopers.

Only four marines remain. 

The Tactical Support squad armed with flamers jumps out of their 
Land Raider, but it is too little too late. 

At the end of the battle the Iron Warriors are defeated, claiming only 2 objectives.

Two loud shots rang out from the command bridge of Martok's ship.  "Anyone else care to question my orders?!" He yelled.  

Sergeant Argathon lay dead on the floor of the command bridge.  Martok had put two bolter rounds through his skull in front of the rest of his command staff.

The debacle on JYLN-55 left Martok in a rage for several days after the loss and most of his subordinates knew not to upset him in times like these.  Argathon, however decided he knew what went wrong and tried to debate it with Martok.  Martok then pointed out Argathon's errors as well as his retreat from the Inquisitor and made him into an example for the rest of his crew.

After a heavy sigh, Martok sat down on his command throne, looked down and put his hand on his forehead.  he muttered, "We must move on from this event." A little louder then addressing his staff  he continued, "We must find out where and when we are.  We must find allies and we still need supplies."

The Iron Warrior's Heavy Cruiser turned away from JYLN-55 and ignited its engines, sending it at a sub-light speed out of the Mercia system.


  1. *clap clap clap clap*

    This is the best thing ever! Well played!

  2. Awesome.
    But wait-- you kept a squad with flamers inside a Landraider the whole game. . .?