Friday, June 16, 2017

Fall Of Cadia Weekend

So several weeks ago a few friends and I played in an event we dubbed: The Fall of Cadia Weekend.

It started on a Friday evening where a number of us go together and played 200pt Combat Patrol games.  We played as many as we wanted and each win would then give that player's side an Apocalypse Stratagem for the following day's Apocalypse event.

I played two Combat Patrol games on Friday.  The first one I lost to Genestealer Cults but the second one I won against Sisters.  I got the Minefield Strategem to use in the big Apocalypse game on Saturday.


 Four Iron Warriors size up some Sisters at long range.

 The missile launcher marine targets a Sister.

 Moving forward, my Champion grabs an objective.

 The Sisters move in.

 The Iron Warriors are doing a fine job eliminating the enemy.

Things begin to turn and several Iron Warriors die. 

A single Marine tries to run and grab the objective after his leader is shot. 

In the end the Iron Warriors control the objective and win the scenario.

On Saturday we played around 12,000 points per side in a massive Apocalypse game!  I played my Iron Warriors using the Traitor Legion's Codexs rules.  I had a Grand Company formation.  I took some super heavies as well, in the form of a Warhound titan and a Shadowsword super heavy battle tank.

 The Imperials deployed first.

There are several  Imperial Knights and several Imperial Titans!

The Iron Warriors line up against primarily the SIsters of Battle, Inquisition and a Titan. 

 The Iron Warriors Armour.

 The main objective was to destroy the central reactor in the 
fortress in the fortified fortress area.

 Genestealer cultists trying to be sneaky.

 Turn one and the Iron Warriors advance.

 Most of the Iron Warriors fire power is ineffective but they are able 
to move up the field at a brisk pace.

 The Shadowsword, a relic from the times of the Horus Heresy,
 takes a shot at the Fortress, but to no avail.
 Deepstriking Terminators and Raptors aid the armored advance.

 All across the battlefield the tanks of the Iron Warriors rumble on.

 Two squads of marines disembark and prepare to eliminate a Sisters of Battle unit.

 The battle is progressing according to plan.

 The Sisters begin to strike back with outflanking Dominion squads.

In a heartbeat multiple tanks are blown to pieces when the Imperial titans 
begin to lend their fire support.

Meanwhile the Genestealer Cults continue their war on the opposite side of the battle. 

 The scope of the battle becomes even greater with Iron Warriors on foot 
charging into the forces of the Sisters of Battle.

 Lord Boroth and his terminators advance trying to be the first to take the Citadel.

 Canoness Verydian moves forward preparing to counter the Iron Warriors' advance.

A squad of marines moves through the ruins trying to close the gap. 

Another squad disembarks from their rhino behind the Sister's lines, while a Dreadnought and the remnants of the first squad take on a Sister's Battle squad. 

 The Citadel is surrounded by enemy forces. 

 A Black Templars Assault squad joins the Seraphim in repelling the Genestealer Cult.

An Imperial Knight is backed up by 3 Penitant Engines. 

 The Genestealer Cult calls in reinforcements in Vendettas!

The Imperials are succeeding in holding back the Cultists. 

 The titans refocus on the Traitor Legion.

Knowing that all of the heavy firepower of the Imperials will now be focused their way, the Iron Warrior's Warsmith Lord Boroth, decides to take drastic measures.

Ordering the destruction of the Citadel because capturing it is looking increasingly unlikely, the Shadowsword opens fire with its massive Volcano Cannon.

The citadel is ignited in flame and a massive explosion lights up the battlefield!  The citadel's defenses are smashed and it explodes in a huge mushroom cloud killing all who aren't wearing power armour within a one mile radius.

Lord Boroth has succeeded in shutting down the reactor at the main Citadel on the Southern continent of Cadia.  This victory will ensure not only Abbadon's eventual taking of Cadia but also the elevation of Lord Boroth to Daemon Prince status. 

In the hours following this battle Lord Boroth began undergoing changes.  He body twisted and deformed, his armour melded with his bone structure and new hideous features marred his face.

Twenty-four hours after the Fall of Cadia, Lord Boroth had been reborn!

Daemon Prince Bor'kaathe Lathroo Jakkra'thodco Hela'kon Boratheon would be his new name, Boratheon for short.  He would become a new scourge that the Imperium in its new and crippled state would have to deal with.  

Would even the great Primarch reborn be able to stop this new power?  Only time will tell.  

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