Monday, January 8, 2018

Necromunda Update!

So its been a while since I posted last and I've done a good amount of Hobbying in that time!

Necromunda has been pretty great, even though I just lost the last game and several Goliaths for the next game, as I've assembled the Goliaths and the Eschers from the box set and built and painted a bunch of terrain.

Here is the first fully-painted Goliath:

I tried my best with the pictures and despite some blurring I think my phone's camera is pretty decent.

I really enjoyed assembling the Eschers but no so much the Goliaths.  The Goliaths were difficult to assemble because their parts didn't fit as snugly as the Eschers' pieces.  Th Eschers, even though they were spindly and delicate just seemed to go together better.  I can't wait to see how the Orlocks fit together.

I intend to purchase each gang as it is released as well as each book.  I will try and do some sort of review for each release.

Now onto some finished terrain pieces.

The above pieces are the look I will be going for when painting the majority of my Necromunda terrain pieces.

I will add more varied colors to some of the pieces and I like the hazard stripes so I will probably do more of those as well.

Next up is some works in progress that aren't quite done yet.

I can't wait to get to work on more Necromunda stuff.  I promise I will continue to update this blog on my progress.

Until then...


  1. That heavy (?) ganger looks really great. I like the Iron Warriors splash-in on that bridge.

  2. Thanks! He's just a regular old Goliath Ganger. They are huge.

  3. Nailed it on that psycho killer model.

  4. Excellent stuff, was just painting my Goliaths too. Its a very fun game.