Thursday, April 4, 2019

D-Company Big Game Pictures

The Big Game has come and gone and I haven't posted anything about it until now...

The Imperial Defenders used a novel strategy, since they were out numbered in Power Level points they decided that the only game on Friday that made sense to try and win was the one with the War Hound Titan. 

The other three games the Chaos Attackers won easily because they took way more points to those games.

The game on Saturday was a much more balanced game as far as Power Levels per side were concerned because of the Defender's low usage of points on Friday.

With the built in defenses that the defenders had in the Saturday scenario they were able to take the game.

On to the pics:



It was a really fun time and I am very happy that everyone played.  Even though my team lost, I liked that the Imperial team was able to use the scenario rules and base a strategy off of that.  We didn't do as good of a job as they did and they ended up winning and fittingly so.

Also I added a new link in the D-Company links section on the right side of my page.  Mike has begun a campaign for the year and he has a new blog which details the campaign.  The blog is Called D-Company Campaigns.

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