Wednesday, June 19, 2019

1500 Pt Horus Heresy Zone Mortalis Battle Report IW Vs NL

The battle for the Underground Iron Warrior Base 716 is just beginning.

The Night Lords had successfully attacked and taken the above ground defenses of what they thought was Base 716.

Upon finding a passageway down, the Night Lords realize that there is more to Base 716 than meets the eye...

We played the Zone Mortalis Assault Mission.  We split the table into quadrants and I deployed in the lower right and he deployed in the upper left.  

We played the Search and Destroy mission.  Essentially there are 3 objectives that need to be held, each worth 2 points.  Then the secondary objectives worth 1 point each are Slay the Warlord and First Blood.

The Night Lords begin in the the elevator and reserves have not yet arrived.

The first several turns are spent advancing.

The Night Lords are about to enter the underground base.

The large 15-man Tactical Squad is holding an objective.

One ten-man squad guards an objective while the other stays back ready to counter-attack.

The Warsmith along with an Iron Circle body guard advance down a corridor and are joined by an Iron Warrior terminator squad with attached Primus Medicae.

The Terminators advance.

A Squad of Night Lords advance down a corridor.

The Iron Warriors prepare for the Night Lords.

The Night Lords Praetor and Cataphracti terminator squad arrive from reserve to face the Iron Warriors terminators.

The Night Lords tactical squad rounds a corner preparing for the Iron Warriors terminators.

A pivotal battle is about to begin.

The Night Lords Tactical marines continue their advance.

The Iron Warriors take heavy fire and lose several of their number.

The Night Lords Contemptor spies the Iron Circle and opens fire damaging the Automata.

The Night Lords despatched the Iron Warriors terminators and then turn their sights on the Iron Circle and the Warsmith.

The Night Lords tactical squad rounds a corner and fires on the Iron Warriors marine squad, killing several.

The battle is joined!

The Iron Warriors are outnumbered.

The Iron Circle Automata smashes the terminators while the two Praetors battle to a draw.

The Night Lord's Praetor swings his Paragon Blade while the the Warsmith struggles to parry.

Only four Iron Warriors are left of the two ten-man tactical squads.

The two commanders continue their duel to the death!

The Warsmith fights bravely but ultimately succumbs to the Night Lord's Praetor's superior combat skills.

The battle nearly done, the two Contemptors face off and the Night Lords win.

The battle is done.  The Iron Warriors force is shattered and the Night Lords will continue their advance into the sprawling tunnel system that the Iron Warriors have built.

What is the secret of Underground Base 716 and will the Night Lords uncover it?

Tune in next time to find the answer!

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