Monday, March 15, 2010

Traitor Guard

So the next army I completed was actually an extension of my Iron Warriors. This new army is a traitor guard army based on the rules in the Siege of Vraks books from Forgeworld. I have units in the army from all three Vraks books, so when I play a game I have alot of variety of units to choose from, I have approximately 3,500 points.

The army has a Company Command Squad, 2 platoon command squads, and 6 10-man platoons of renegades. It also has a squad of 5 renegade ogryn bersekers, 6 hounds of Xaphan with ogryn handler, 2 squads of 10 disciples of Xaphan (veterans essentially), 3 mortars, 60 mutants, 22 plague zombies, 13 beastmen, 5 Enforcers (commisars essentially), 7 sentinels, 2 Lemas Russes and a Malcador Defender (its the 5 heavy bolter variant).

This army is quite fun to play as I have a lot of choices to build a 2,000point army. I like to fit in all the renegade guard squads if possible. The Company Command squad has a vox-caster which is used for spotting if I take an Artillery Strike.

This is essentially an allied renegade army that fights alongside my Iron Warriors, it is led by a renegade Tech-Priest.

Later I will post pictures of these units when I get a chance.

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