Friday, November 18, 2011

Painted Minotaurs

I took some pictures of my painted Minotaurs last night. Some pics are better than others be eh what can ya do.

These are some shots of the army deployed and ready to go to battle.

Here is my Land Raider Proteus, I used an old landraider model I got for cheap and put new weapons on it.

Next up is a Predator and a Rhino.

Next we have a couple of Land Speeders.

My Land Raider Crusader.

One of my Rhinos.

A Dreadnought with a Multimelta.

Next up is one of my Riflemen Dreads and a squad of assault terminators advancing.

Here are some shots of my Sternguard. Right now I have a seven man squad with 3 combi-plasma and 2 plasma guns. I have plans to expand the squad and also create a second squad probably with different weapons.

Here is my standard librarian in power armour. He always rides with the stern guard either in a rhino or in the land raider Proteus.

This is my Terminator Armoured Librarian with a Storm Shield. The second pic shows the Storm Shield better. I bought a box of Grey Knight Terminators and converted them for my Librarian and Moloc.

And last but not least is Lord Asterion Moloc, Master of the Minotaurs, Satrap of the Daedelos Krata, Bringer of Wrath.


  1. How did you paint your minotaurs? I'm planning on starting an army of them and the best (and easiest) paint scheme I've come up with for 'em has been a bolt gun base and then four or five washes of devlan mud.

  2. Well. the infantry is dwarf bronze with a badab black wash. The red is mechrite red.

    The vehicles are painted snakebite leather then drybrushed with dwarf bronze then devlan mud wash.

    Hope that helps.